Podio Tutorial – Automate Sending Offer Letters

This is the Step-by-Step video tutorial that goes with my blog post Podio – Automate the Process of Sending Offer Letters.  There are 8 videos that show you how I setup each Podio App and also the GlobiFlow and Zapier workflows.  The process (workflow) that I’m setting up in this video goes from Property Lead through sending out an offer.  In total there are 4 Stages + the 4 Workflows that are involved for moving/creating the data.

The Tools

Podio is great, but it does require the use of other tools to really reach it’s potential.  Below you will see the 4 services that I use to create this workflow.

It’s really not as complex as you might be thinking.  90% of this is done by Podio and Globiflow.  That last bit, the actual sending the letter to the mailing service requires Zapier to send the info to Lob.

Podio is my lead management system.  All my leads get pulled into here in a variety of ways.  Check out Podio
GlobiFlow is what takes Podio to the next level in terms of an automation tool.  It allows you to setup process flows (work flows) in Podio to replace many of the manual tasks you would normally have to do. Check out Globiflow
I like to call Zapier The Connector.  The reason being is that it is a service that allows you to connect different products on the internet. Check out Zapier
Lob is a nifty little service.  They say Send Physical Mail as Easy as Email. To be honest, they are correct.  Check out Lob

Demonstration of Final Result

Below is a video showing what the final result will be of this tutorial.  It shows a property lead get moved into the Pursue App then the Offers App and finally have an offer letter created and sent to Lob for Mailing.

The Video Tutorials

Clicking on each tutorial will expand it to show you the description and the video.  You may view the videos in any order you like.  If you have any questions please post a comment.

That’s It!

You have now completely setup a workflow that will save you hours!  I hope you found this tutorial helpful and worth spending time going through.  If you had any issues or have any comments leave a comment below and I’ll will respond.

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  1. GLobiflow is wayyyyyy too expensive. Perhaps at the time of this writing it was affordable but now they are outside of most peoples reach. Do you even recommend this system anymore?

    What is the work around? Have you found a new process?

    1. Post

      Hi Mike,

      This article was definitely written when GlobiFlow could be had for as little as $9/mo for the lowest package. It was SUCH a GREAT deal back then. This past January 2016, globiflow entered into agreement with Podio to make Podio the exclusive reseller and Podio Jacked up the price of entry.

      I love Podio and Globiflow so much that, Yes, I would still recommend the combination.

      I still use Globiflow because all existing customers of GF are grandfathered into the old pricing scheme (I pay $15/mo). Some people can use a service called FusionMint to get some automations setup but it’s not nearly as powerful. Outside of that there really isn’t a workaround.

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