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The Free SI Lead Manager – Beta 6

is Now OUT!!

SI Lead Manager is a custom developed software tool that will help you organize your Real Estate Investing Lead lists.  Simply import any list that is in an Excel file using the import tool and you’ll be able to keep track of, find and make notes about any lead  you have quickly and easily.

Not only that but you’ll be able to upload all your Real Estate Investing Marketing letters into the database.  This will allow you to mail merge a list with any letter and print it out more quickly then you could have ever imagined.

I developed this application in order to help me stay on top of my mailings and keep track of which leads call and which do not.   I used to have dozens of different excel files that contained leads for each month and it would take me 30 minutes at times to find a particular lead so I can just cross them off my list.  It was very frustrating to say the least.   Now it takes me 5 seconds to find any lead.

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Free Real Estate Investor Lead Management Software