Thanks again for joining the growing community of Struggling Investors.  Please don’t misunderstand the name Struggling Investor, it is not a literal description of how my investing is going but more of a reference to working hard to become a full time investor.  In order to be successful I believe you must struggle through the journey.  This struggle is how we all learn and get better, how we become masters of our domain (I love Seinfeld by the way!).

I began writing my blog in 2009 in order to help me stay accountable while trying to start my real estate investing career and it certainly has done that.  The people that have come into my life because of this blog have been invaluable to my success.  Hopefully I’ve had the same affect upon them as well.  

It’s very scary to face the risks involved when investing, but it doesn’t have to be risky at all, at least not while you are getting started.  There is nothing wrong with going slow, as evident by how I’m learning.  They key is that you do have to take action.  My action steps are small, calculated and I usually know my next step before moving forward.  I may not know what I’ll be doing 2 steps from now though but that doesn’t stop me.  Read my blog and any article you find interesting…I promise I will ease your mind.

Useful Tools For Getting Started

It’s crazy to say this, but I’ve written over 650 posts since the beginning.  For sure there are some good posts and some bad ones.  I have picked out a few posts that might help you get to know me better and perhaps point you in the right direction in terms of your real estate investing.

    Also, here is a list of some tools and forms that I’ve either created or have used that have been invaluable to me so far..

Feel free to contact me any time at scostell@yahoo.com