I Got Over One of My Fears Today

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My friend Sharon Vornholt from Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog started up a wonderful podcast earlier this year.  I really enjoy listening to it on my rides to work in the mornings.  Her guests are always hard working investors who are always willing to share what they know. What I love about Sharon’s podcast is that we have similar investing strategies so a lot of her content really resonates with me.

So, about a month ago, Sharon asked me to be on her podcast.  At first I was really excited and honored that she wanted ME on her show.  That feeling of excitement quickly retreated and my normal fear of public speaking and putting myself out there came roaring back.  There is a reason why I have a written blog and not a podcast or video blog….I’m a bit Shy!

Someone once told me…

…in order to achieve success in life you need to do things that make you nervous.  Being comfortable means you aren’t growing.

I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by so last week I was a guest on Sharon’s podcast.  We talked about my story as a husband, a father and how my full time job affects my investing.  It’s awesome to talk about this stuff and hopefully I can help motivated others who are experiencing the same difficulties.

Go over to Sharon’s Blog and listen to the podcast and let me know what you think!

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