What I’m Reading, Watching and Learning in Dec 2013

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From time to time I come across some really great content about various topics that I find helpful towards my real estate investing.  Some of the information helps me take action and some of it helps put my mind and thoughts back on track.  If it helps me, surely it could help you in some way as well.

Below is a handful of links that are really great!


Atrocious Direct Mail Campaigns

This forum discussion over at Bigger Pockets was started by an investor Brandon Foken.  His direct mail campaign results have not been very good and he was seeking help.  A lot of successful investors chimed in with advice and I found this discussion to be very helpful.



Earning More Money

One of my new favorite blogs is a blog by Derek Halpern.  His focus isn’t real estate investing, but more about the psychology around how people think and how you can use that to increase sales.  Practically all of the topics he covers can be brought over to the real estate investing world to help you convert more deals.

After reading his blog post and watching the video I realized I was making the same mistakes he was when he first got started.  Let me know if you were…



The Secret Formula for Real Estate Investors

In short there is no “secret formula” to real estate investing, but there are formulas you should know how to use.  I’ve heard of NOI, CASH FLOW and ROI but to be honest I never understood how to calculate them all.  Ian Kuchman does the best job I’ve seen of breaking each formula down and explaining how they work.



My Startup Failed – F*?k

Starting up a new business is hard and many times people fail.  I’ve heard over and over again that you must fail first before you can ever expect to succeed.  That may be true, but it’s still very heart breaking to have your hard work end in failure.  However it’s consoling to read about other entrepreneurs experiences and what the have learned.  It always helps me out.


To Succeed!

Motivational speakers are a dime a dozen it seems.  However from time to time I find a video that really gets me pumped up.  I don’t know who this person is, but he is speaking to a class of high school kids and his message just resonated with me.


Here is another video that I found pretty good…


Merry Christmas Everyone!

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