Last Week Was a Fun Week In New Jersey

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I’ll start out with saying that compared to other people in New Jersey, I had it easy last week.  My power went out on Monday morning, for the first time, two strides into my treadmill workout.  The power came back on 5 minutes later though so I took the opportunity to jump back on in hopes of getting a half hour of running in.  I must have been powering the house like a mouse on one of those wheels, because as soon as I finished and stepped off the power went out for good.

My wife works for a new organization so the harsher the weather, the more they need her at work.  She went in early and was there for the next 36 hours.   Luckily my parents, who live 3 minutes away, still had power so I packed up my 7 month old, the dog and took the crew to my parents house.  And that was where I stayed for the next 5 days until my power came back on.

My parents house never lost power (which put them in the vast minority in NJ) so it wasn’t bad at all.  They still live in the house I grew up in, so there was plenty of room and it was nice to spend the quality time with them.  Once Ben got used to sleeping in the pack-and-play, all was good.  While there, my dog confirmed something I had suspected for years…He loves my mom more then anyone.  At home he always sleeps in our bed at night, but at my parents house he slept in my mom’s bed!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???

On a side note…I just accidentally put cream cheese on my bagel instead of butter.  YUCK!

Suffice to say I didn’t get much done last week at all.  You would think with my 9to5 job without power and not having work that I would have gotten a lot done, but I had no access to my real estate stuff at my parents house.  Regardless, it is probably in poor taste to conduct business during a natural disaster like Sandy.   So many people lost their power, where flooded out or even completely lost their homes that it’s important to look to help anyone who is in need if you can.

I’ll pick back up with the real estate investing stuff in my next post.

Hope everyone is doing well


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  1. Wow, glad things are good with you Scott! It’s funny how in these types of situations we see how much we depend on electricity and other service utilities. This reminds me, I should check to see if there are new episodes of that survivor show I told you about, “The Colony!”

    p.s. Bagels are cool, though I am a fan of cream cheese! 🙂

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      Practically everything I do during the day depends on electricity, it’s crazy! When I buy a house I’m going to put in a generator that is hooked up to my natural gas line. Best solution in my view, unless I get enough solar panels to take myself off of the grid 🙂

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