Deal #4: Payday!!!

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I just got word from my partner that the assignment papers have been signed and our check has been handed to us!  This is the 3rd payday for me and the 2nd one this year (new record).   Like I said before, this deal resulted in the smallest paycheck to date, but who cares right?

Not every deal will be a home run.  I say, in the beginning of your career beggars can’t be choosers, so TAKE THAT MONEY!  Some big players will pass on small bucks because it isn’t worth their time.   As someone who is just breaking into the business, money is needed to keep the marketing machine going and to keep the wife off your back (just kidding honey 🙂

I’ll break down the deal for you in the coming weeks, right now I’m going to enjoy it!

P.S.  I just created my very own Sign Hammer.  Stay tuned for my next post

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  1. Scott,
    Thats awesome man…and you know what…you are right about the marketing engine. Funny thing also..with everyone done…the confidence grows until it breaks through the top of the mountain. keep on trucking.


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