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48 days from becoming a father

With January in the books already, I’ve only got 48 days till I officially become a father for the first time. It is an amazing thought and puts a warm feeling in my heart every time I add a new piece of furniture or hang some tiny, yet oh so cute baby clothes in the nursery.

One of the most amazing parts about becoming a parent is how generous the people around me are being. Everyone is giving us gifts, offering to help or just willing to give my wife and I helpful advice. With all this support it has really helped me to avoid most of the nerves that would come with being a new father.  Yes I’m still a bit nervous, but the excitement far outweighs it at this point.


Reducing Work

As my investing partner and I gain experience I’m always trying to look for ways to make our lines of communication better and easier. I handle all the marketing and he handles the leads once they call. We each use SI Lead Manager to organize our parts of the process and it works out exceptionally well.   The problem is that it works well, but only for each of us individually.  The system fails us in two important ways…

  1. My partner has to keep a separate Google Docs spreadsheet to record all the people who have responded. This is necessary because I need to know who responded so I can take appropriate action with my marketing.
  2. I have to export each list that I mail to so my partner can import them into his lead manager. This is a must because once the leads start calling, it’s important for him to have their information in the system already so he can take notes.

The solution is simple. I have to figure out a way were we can access the same database with SI Lead Manager.  Very simple if out computers where hooked up to the same network.  I could just point both our SI Lead Managers to the same database file.  This is not the case obviously.  So the implementation is not going to be easy becuase I have to find an online database service that will allow desktop applications to access the DB.

Enter Windows SQL Azure. I’m currently working on a new version of SILM Beta 5 that can access SQL Azure.  Microsoft offers a free 90 day trial, so I signed up.  The integration is coming along very well and I’m quite pleased with the spead of the data access so far.  I’m not quite sure how much the databae will cost on a monthly basis just yet though.  I will keep you posted as my free trial runs out at the end of February.

I’m excited to start working off a common database.  It should eliminate a few hours of maintenance and data syncing a week. If it all goes well I will think about releasing this version to the masses.

Well that’s it for today,  have a great week everyone!

P.S. Congrats to the Giants for winning the superbowl! As a Giants fan I’m still in shock that they were able to win it after where they were in early December. Amazing!

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      That looks interesting. Does it allow you to install your own software onto their servers? I couldn’t find any mention of doing that on their site. They seem to have pre-installed software (like Office) and you are limited (they have a lot of applications though) to what they have.

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      1. Yes, in a very big way. It took sometime getting my schedule back in order. I found I need to be productive in smaller increments. 5-15 minute blocks are sometimes all I will get. Gotta not waste them.

        I learned to take advantage of times he needs to be held, or needs interaction. I brainstorm with him. I literally tell him my ideas out loud. He gets the interaction I get to say my ideas out loud and brainstorm. I’ve never been good at forcing myself to stop and plan. He helps me to do so. Biggest thing I had to learn is to find ways to take advantage of “lost time”.

        There is also the added motivation factor that instantly goes up when there is a newborn in the house.


  1. Scott,

    Look at this solution:

    Creates a VPN with NO install hassle and it’s FREE. The computer hosting the database has to be physically on to access.

    I think you should take your Lead Manager to the Cloud. Very easy to do.


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