SI Lead Manager – Beta 5 has been released!

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Have you had a tough time managing your leads using Excel?
Did you find that other lead management software is just too Expensive?
Have you tried SI Lead Manager – Beta 4 and found it too confusing?
If you’ve answered Yes to any of the above questions, then you need to get SI Lead Manager – Beta 5After working hard for over 7 months, SI Lead Manager Beta 5 is finally ready for release.  The interface has been completely redesigned in order to make it a more user friendly and intuitive software.  I’ve been using ‘beta 5’ for about a month now and it has worked great!

I’ve added a number of new features as well as streamlined some existing ones.  Here are some of the major items...

Interface Improvements

  • 3 Pain view allows you to view leads grouped by Lists, Lead types, Currently Marketing to, Closed, Responded, Working, and more….
  • Mark leads “Top Priority” by placing a star next to them.  You can then filter the leads to only view “Top Priority” items
  • Search all leads directly from the top of the screen by Name, Property Address, Owner Address, and more…
  • Easily add new Leads, Mailings and Tasks


Improved Lead Organization

  • In Beta 4 I always had trouble distinguishing the different statuses of leads once the person had contacted me.  Beta 5 has a new organization method called BUCKETS.  Once a lead responds you can place them in one of 7 buckets (Responded, Closed, Working, On Hold, Returned Mail (for undelivered pieces), Deal, Marketing)

Improved Mailing Campaign Tracking

  • Once you have scheduled all your campaigns, the Mailings feature will show you (All Mailings, Future Mailings, Mailings that are scheduled to be printed over the next 7 days, Mailings that have been printed and are waiting to be mailed over the next 7 days, Passed, Due Mailings,Recently Mailed)
  • You will also be able to filter the mailing campaigns by Lead Type or Lists
  • Click a mailing and you’ll see a detailed breakdown of the list.  See who is Scheduled to get mail, which have been printed, which have been mailed and which have responded.
  • Setup Mailing Patterns so you can quickly reproduce a campaign.


Organize all your Contracts

  • Organize all your contracts by importing them into the system and giving them a label
  • Quickly call up a contract and print it when you need it
  • Use one of 50+ contracts donated by J.P. Moses (of


Google Calendar Integration (must have a google account)

  • Uploads all Events to your google calendar
  • Use google calendar to send you email notifications
  • View your SI Lead Manager calendar on your smart phone


Importing leads

  • Now you can import your leads directly from Excel 2007-2010 versions (Beta 4 only supporting Excel 2003).
  • Now only 3 steps compared to 5 in beta 4
  • Auto matching columns (dependent on excel column headings)
  • Improved method for manual match of columns
  • Duplicate Property Address detection on import (will not import)


Database Pointing & Multi-Database Support

  • You can share one database with multiple users if you are on a network.
  • Have multiple databases to add another degree of organizations


Tasks Interface

  • View all your Tasks (formerly ‘To-Do’) items in one location
  • Mark off and add new items more easily
  • See all your tasks on your Smart phone with the help of Google Calendar


Tasks on Calendar

  • In beta 4, only mailings showed up on the calendar.  Now you can view all your Tasks as well.
  • You’ll be able to plan out your week much more easily by just checking out the calendar to see when you have to make those phone calls, comp a property or send out a mailing.


Improved Calendar interface

  • Each event is marked with a unique icon and a brief description so you don’t have to click through to see what it’s about.
  • Change scheduled dates for events directly from calendar
  • Print mailings by ‘right-clicking’ on the event
  • Expanded 3 month view to allow you to see how busy you are
  • Daily, 5-day, 7-day and monthly views


Data Transfer

  • Import all data over from Beta 4


And there is much much more!

Get it here: SI Lead Manager – Beta 5 and use beta as the password

-Scott Costello

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