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Marketing Monday: Are You Doing This Simple Thing?

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When I first started sending out direct mail I got a terrible return.  If I broke 1% that was a lot.  Partly to blame for my poor success was that I was sending to pre-foreclosures which historically has a lot of competition and at best gets a 4% response rate.  What I consider my biggest mistake was that I didn’t make my envelope stand out.

Mistake #1

I first sent letters using click2mail service because it was easy.  Upload your list and letter and send.  No stuffing, liking or sealing involved.  Problem here is that my direct mail pieces looked like junk mail and nobody opens junk mail.

Mistake #2

I then got “smarter” and put together the mailers myself.  Only shooting myself in the foot by using a standard #10 envelope and putting a 44cent american flag stamp on it.    Still looked like junk mail!  My responses didn’t improve at all.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I got this tip from my mastermind group coaches.   Instead of putting one 44¢ stamp, you put down for stamps totaling 44¢.  Here is the combination that I use…

2¢ Stamp 3¢ Stamp 10¢ Stamp 29¢ Stamp

My response rate has skyrocketed from this simple change.  I know I’d open up an envelope with 4 stamps on it, would you?

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      I have found that these alternate stamps are hard to find outside of the post office. Even going to the post office you aren’t guaranteed that they will have’m. I order them all online and pay the $1 shipping.

  1. Scott,

    I’ve been following your blog since your first post, and first before most I would like to congratulate you on your first deal ( although it happen a while a go I was still trying to keep up with your previous blogs) I also wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on and never give up, I personally felt really happy for your success because I can relate to you in many ways and you getting that deal done only gives me hope and teaches me that even taking baby steps if you keep working at it eventually you’ll get there. I sit here anxious to hear about your next deal (because I know it’s coming :), keep us posted.


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      Thanks so much Alex for your kind words. I’m so so happy that reading my blog has kept you motivated and has shown you that all you need is determination and it’ll happen for you too. The second deal isn’t coming as quickly as I had hoped, but It’ll come that I’m sure of.

      Thanks again!

  2. So did you switch to an invitation sized envelope as well?
    Also, I read that if you end up having to use only one stamp, your response rate will be better if you put the stamp on crooked instead of straight.

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