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Marketing Monday: How I Keep Track Of All My Leads

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One of the keys for me becoming a real estate wholesaler while working a full time job is staying organized.   I admittedly am pretty terrible at keeping organized though because it takes time as well.  Any effort must be easy and quick and that is the reason why I spent the last year writing a custom application to keep track of all of my leads.

I’ve just completed Beta 4, of SI Lead Manager, and am excited at the progress the program has made since Beta 3.1.  I’ve spent a good amount of time making it more user friendly and adding features to help keep track of direct mail campaigns.

I’ve actually made a quick video overview of the program that you can watch if you like.

I offer this program for free if you just fill out the opt-in box on the right side of my blog.  All I ask is for some constructive feed back and feature ideas.

If you’ve already downloaded a previous version look for an email from me in the near future.


Look for my post tomorrow as I’ve got some great news to share!

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  1. Um…Scotty…what’s up with your “About Me” photo and bio?  I was looking at it like “That’s not Scotty!” and then I thought maybe I’m nuts and he chopped his hair off.  Then I looked at the bio and said “No, that’s definitely not Scotty.” LOL!

    1. Ahh!  I was messing around with another theme and it removed all my widgets and replaced them with the default.  Thanks for the heads up shae!

      Oh and thanks so much for plugging my lead tracker 🙂

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