Inching Closer To Our First Deal

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First I want to apologize for not putting out a  Marketing Monday post earlier this week.  I wanted to write up a post about how my mailers have been doing but just never got a chance to do so.  The phones have been ringing off the hook this week after I sent out 200+ letters and we’ll at get a chance to view some more houses soon.

On to the good news…

MLS Access Resolution

I finally got my MLS access activated and all setup.  Even after transferring my license from a referral to Active state I needed to call up the GSMLS and ask them why my account still wasn’t activated. Turns out it was an over site and it was corrected within the hour.  Yea for me!

Question: for anyone else who has their license, do you actively pursue listings so you can refer them to other agents?  If so how do go about doing that?


Duraflame House Update

And now the better news, Lance brought our potential buyer and structural engineer to the Duraflame house and they checked it out along with the cracks in the foundation.  They don’t think it’s a problem and are willing to purchase the property.  The offer gave us some room to work with and we are just in the final negotiations with the seller to work out an agreement on our end.   Once everything shakes out I’ll let you all know if it does turn out to be our first deal and the details of it.

Anyway you look at it, this is by far the closest we have come to a deal which gives me some much needed motivation to keep going.  I can taste it now!


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