A Typical Day For An Investor Who Works A Full Time Job

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Yesterday was one heck of a busy day for me, but not really any more busy then my other days.  As I planned out my day today I thought I would give you all a run down of what my days usually consist of.  For the most part, they all follow the same structure these days and let me tell you, it has really helped me get stuff accomplished.

6:20am – Wake up and get ready for work

7:20am – Leave for work

8:00am – Settle down at work, eat breakfast and go through emails and check my website stats

9:00am to 12:00am – Work Work Work.  Sometimes I’ll write some code for SI Lead Manager, update my blog and read about how my investor friends are doing.

12:00 – Eat lunch and do any Investing tasks that need to be done during the day (I.E. make phone calls, run comps and make trips to the post office to mail letters)

1:00pm – 4:29pm – Work Work Work

4:30pm to 5:20pm – Go home.  If i’m not falling asleep I will usually listen to some audio books on REI and Motivation.  otherwise I have to hook my phone to my cars audio system (auxiliary cable) and listen to music using Pandora.  This helps keep me awake.  I will also look at properties on my way home from work like I did last night.

5:30pm to 6:30pm – Take the dog for a walk, Make Dinner for myself and the dog (Wife is at work) and play with the dog (it’s fun and great for bonding).

6:30pm to 8:00pm – Exercise.  I am currently doing p90x (on day 26) and on average it takes me an hour and twenty minutes.   I also play basketball on some days and this is my time to clear my head and wake up a little bit from a long day at the office.   In the past I have actually taken a nap here just to recharge.

8:00pm to 9:00pm – Take care of anything else I need to that is of a none real estate investing nature.  Sometimes I have nothing else to do so I’ll start putting together the mailings here.   This is my flex time.  I can run to the store and do errands if need be or visit with my parents or friends for a bit.

9:00pm to 11:30pm – This is my prime REI time.  Right now I’m concentrating on getting my marketing out….

  • Building Out of State Owner Lists
  • Cross checking Driving for Dollar Lists with tax records to get owners info
  • Putting together all the letters
  • Managing prior mailing lists to keep records of who called and which addresses are invalid
  • Talking with Lance, Kasey and Jon
  • Scheduling what I have to do the next day
  • Doing Comps and property research

11:30pm to 12:15am – Take out the dog, quickly fold the laundry before my wife gets home from work and watch about 15 minutes of TV to unwind my brain and wait for my wife to come home.

12:15am to 12:30am – Get 15 solid quality minutes with my wife and then we go to sleep.

Two and a half hours go by very quickly.  I’m constantly trying to less’n the time I waste moving from one task to another and also during tasks.   This is what has to be done because I  can’t afford to hire assistants to do the above work.

Because I only have 2.5 hours of real Investing time per night, I realized I needed help (a partner) and that is why Lance and I partnered up.  He is lacking in funds but has time during the day to make phone calls and see properties so we match up very well.

For me, routine is the key to my success.  I’ve toyed with only exercising every other day, but then I find that it’s harder to get myself to exercise on the days I’m suppose to.  Doing it every single day programs your body to expect and accept it.  The same can be said for putting together mailings, making phone calls or what ever other tasks I find hard to get myself to do.

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