40 Money Making Activities

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Being a 9-to-5er trying to break free, it is important that I concentrate all my available time to activities that will put me in position to make money.  I’ll be the first to admit, that many times I get caught up in things that are just a waste of time right now.  For those times when I’m searching for something to do, this post is going to serve as a check list of things that I could be doing.


  1. Searching Craigslist for “We Buy Houses” type of ads
  2. Searching Google for “We Buy Houses” websites for my target market
  3. Calling “For Rent” signs
  4. Calling “We Buy Houses” type bandit signs that I see while driving
  5. Looking through the MLS for transactions made with cash
  6. Network at REIA meetings and look for cash buyers
  7. Place ads on Craigslist looking for cash buyers
  8. Build a blog/squeeze page to attract buyers
  9. Build a list of Realtors in your target market
  10. Develop your buyers lead sheet
  11. Put out hand written bandit signs looking for cash buyers


  1. Go to Courthouse and build a probate list
  2. Go to Courthouse and build an eviction list
  3. Go to tax records and build an out of state owners list
  4. Create marketing letter
  5. Create marketing postcard
  6. Go door knocking
  7. Drive for dollars
  8. Send out mailers
  9. Make offers on MLS properties that are Bank Owned, Handyman Specials and Short Sales
  10. Hang Bandit Signs
  11. Build a blog/squeeze page to attract sellers
  12. Call for rent signs and ask the owners if they are interested in selling
  13. Develop a list of code violations and send letter to them
  14. Buy a list of foreclosures and send mailers to them
  15. Return phone calls from your marketing


  1. Create a list of potential private money sources
  2. Call each person on your private money list
  3. Visit local banks and ask about their lending programs
  4. Talk with hard money lenders
  5. Find some transactional funding options
  6. Get a proof of funds


  1. Find a recommended Real Estate Attorney
  2. Find a recommended title company
  3. Create relationships with Realtors to help you get MLS Access
  4. Get recommendations for Contractors in your area


  1. Go to REIA meeting
  2. Contacting people on Facebook who are in Real Estate to build relationships
  3. Create a personal blog to attract like minded people
  4. Create your Real Estate company website
  5. Create a mastermind group

Looking for buyers and sellers are by far the most important actions we all should be doing each and every week.  The rest of the items on the list, while important, can take a back seat.

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  2. Always good to have a list of things like this to serve as a reminder! Of course, if you have a small handful of items that you just always do consistently, it makes a difference for sure.

    Oh and not to nitpick Scotty but “Browse Facebook for people in Real Estate that work in your target area” isn’t a money making activity …but actually contacting them and building a relationship is! 🙂

  3. Scott –

    This is a great comprehensive list you put together. I agree with Shae that we tend to focus on a few that we do consistently.

    I read a book a while back that told you to just make “one small change a week” every week, and you would have phenominal results in one year. I agree completely with that. Whether it pertians to our diet and fitness, our business or our spiritual/personal life what a difference a year would make if we did that!

    1. Post

      I am a big believer in the “one small change at a time” way of thinking. It tends to keep the feeling of being overwhelmed away and almost makes it like you aren’t changing at all. That is until you look back

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