My Custom Font Looks Pretty Good!

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I recently remembered that I had created a custom font using my own hand writing.  I must have done this over the summer or last spring and I vaguely remember writing a post about it.  I decided to try it out on the envelopes and I really like the results.  I think it really looks like my hand writing and will definitely stick out to sellers looking at my letters, here is an example

Custom Font For Real Estate Envelopes

Well I just wanted to share this with everyone.  If you like the results I think I got this done at I will report back on the success of this.

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    1. Jon is currently in Cinci for a couple of months. He and his girl friend may move out there sometime in the spring, but since they still have a lot of things going on here they plan on continuing the mentoring. We will see how it goes.

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