Do You Have What It Takes To Be Financially Free?

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Financial Freedom GpsNot everyone has what it takes to get to the point where we have no debt (mortgage included) and have multiple passive income streams that easily pay for any and all of our expenses.  I’m slowly working my way towards that as my wife and I only have a car loan, that will be paid off by March and our mortgage.   I still need help in figuring out the next steps to take in order to achieve my ultimate goal and Shae recently released a product that is really going to help me out.

I believe in promoting things that I have used and have found to be greatly beneficial to myself.  A while back Shea Bynes of Good Faith Investing invited me to take a sneak preview of her new guide called Financial Freedom GPS. This hit right at home for me as my most concentrated goal over the last few years is to eliminate all of my debt in order to help me gain my financial freedom more quickly.

After receiving a copy from Shae, I gave it to my wife to read and we are going through it together.  I’m very excited to go through each step of the guide because I know, even if it’s a small step it will get us closer and closer to becoming financially free.

If you have read Shae’s blog, you know how great she is and how much she loves to help people out.  If you have any motivation to become Financially Free, take a look at what Shae is offering.

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  1. Awesome, Scotty…thanks for sharing and I wish you and your wife the best as you’re putting together your road map and making financial freedom a reality! You don’t need as much money as you think to be free…and once you’re free, there are no limits to what you can do to increase that income!

    One of things that excites me is when I hear back from someone who bought Financial Freedom GPS and mention how happy they are that they now have a way to work together with their spouse on a topic that’s typically difficult to approach.

  2. Cool to hear, Scott! It’s really hard for a lot of people to understand that achieving financial freedom does not happen overnight. It happens slowly,bit by bit. And, usually the transition occurs over a period of time. Though it takes time and a lot of work, I think it definitely beats putting one’s financial future in someone else’s hands! 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great product and something I would definitely have an interest in. I love listening to Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman and this looks like something right up that same path. There’s nothing better than being debt free and having one less burden on your shoulders…thanks for the information!

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