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How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was fairly good, went to go see Rock of Ages on Broadway which was a really good show and if you like 80’s music I highly recommend it.  This was a birthday gift I gave my wife back in August.  Coincidentally, my other gift to her, a hot air balloon ride, was also scheduled for this weekend.  We were scheduled to take flight at 6:45am to catch the sign rise, so we woke up before the sun at about 4:45 and got all ready to go.  The balloonist said to call in before we left just to make sure everything was still a go and even though it was a nice sunny day, the winds were blowing to strongly so it was back to bed we went (we rescheduled for Oct 17th).

Last week kind of got away from me and I didn’t really get much accomplished. I’m not really sure where the week went, but I attribute the lack of progress to me not writing down my goals for the week and kinda winging it.  Do I ever learn that doesn’t work??  Any way, back on the horse for me.

First Goal: Record my telephone script for my iTeleCenter number.

This is where I need some help.  My coach gave me a great script to use as my voice mail message to help filter the incoming calls and to explain to first time callers what I am all about.  My problem is that when I record the script, it always sounds read and pretty terrible.  So I was wondering if someone wouldn’t mind volunteering to be the voice on my voice mail?  For your efforts I will share the script with you (obviously).  Comment and I’ll contact you.

Second Goal: Mail out October Probates

Gonna be printing out everything tonight and putting it all together.  I’m going to try and outsource this in the future, my brother could always use a few extra bucks.

Third Goal: Create a marketing plan for my bandit signs

I want to put a plan together so when Jon finds a guy to put out the bandit signs I’ll be able to say how many I need putting out each and every month.  This way it will be easier to find a reliable person.  At least 6 people in our master mind group is looking to find a reliable person and together we could probably hire someone full time.

Other things going on this week…

I’ve got a REI group meeting on Wednesday that I’m going to bring my buyers signup form to and get everyone to fill out.  Also on Thursday I have a tentative plan to meetup with a seller at his house to take a look.

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  1. Scott,

    Perhaps have your wife record the voicemail. I have heard the female voice is better for those scripts as it helps calm the caller. I have no evidence to back it up, but sounds reasonable. The other benefit of a female voice is having the appearance that your not just some little one man shop out of your garage. Just an idea.

    Another option is to memorize the script and have your wife just sit in front of you when you record the message. Act like your talking to her when recording the message. That should help make it sound a bit more conversational. Good Luck.

  2. Scott,

    Jason has a great idea. Try to get your wife to do it for you. If not, I’d be more than happy to do it for you.

    I think a female voice is a little less intimidating for folks too!

    1. I asked Shae if she would be willing and she is happy to do it. I never thought about asking my wife though, that is a good alternative. thanks Carey

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