Contest: Rename My Blog and Win a $400 Prize!

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I think it’s time to change the mojo of my blog and come up with a more positive name.  In the past I’ve been hesitant to change the name because I wanted it to become a brand in a way.  A place for struggling investors to go and get support and see how I over came my struggles and made it to the promise land.

My friends Shae, Jason and now Kelly have been on me for over a year to rename the site to something more positive.  I joked with Shae one time that I would change the name with each stage of my investing career…from Struggling Investor to Almost Got My First Deal Investor to First Deal Investor and finally to Seasoned Investor.

I do think that now is a great time to make the change, I’m so close to realizing my first deal and I could use all the positive karma I can get.   I figured that because I owe a lot of what I’ve accomplished so far to you, the readers of my blog, that I want to include you in the renaming of my blog.

The Rules

  1. Real Estate Investing related (obvious yes, but wanted to mention it)
  2. Domain Name must be Available
  3. Post a Comment with your Idea
  4. Enter as many times as you like

The Prize

The Date

  • On August 17th I will be picking the top 5 of my choice.
  • August 17th to August 20th everyone can vote for the one they like best.  The winner of that Voting will win the prize.  If you now someone who is just getting started and wants a chance to win a great product (I’ve watched in 7 times), get them to my site to enter this contest.

That’s it!  I am excited to see the suggestions.

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  1. Well HALLELUJAH! Man, my night just keeps getting better…..

    This is great, Scotty! I don't have any suggestions off the top of my head, but will get back to you 🙂

  2. Love, love, love it!!! I'm thinking about it. I gave a couple of suggestions but those were silly. Can-do-investing. I like freetimeinvesting. InvestorScott. followmeinvesting. watchmeinvesting. I still like kicka$$investing. 🙂 it might be too edgy. I'm still gonna give it some thought. wellplayedinvesting. <—-that's what mine should be called….
    random thoughts, I will get back to you. Have a killer Wednesday

  3. momentum investing
    leap real estate
    scotts success
    positive spin
    always learning
    advance real estate
    resolute real estate
    dauntless deeds (my favorite)
    profit progress
    real progress
    landing land

    I'll come up with a few more.

  4. Yay- I'm so excited you're changing it, Scott!

    I'm still working on coming up with some names for you. I like your idea of putting 9-5 in there, though.

    I've got my thinking cap on and will report back with some ideas!


  5. You may want people to submit their ideas to you privately Scott. Also, be careful about posting your top 5 names…if I was an opportunist…as soon as you published your top 5, I'd buy them and then sell one of them back to you. Who says you can only wholesale real estate?!

  6. I may have to rethink the posting of my top 5 choices, I may just pick my favorite and be done with it. As I have to like it as well 🙂

    As for someone buying one out from underneath me and trying to sell it back? it won't work cause I wouldn't buy it. So if anyone is thinking of doing that….Be Warned

  7. Sounds like an exciting contest, Scott! I do have to admit, I do like your present blog title – I think you have a really interesting vision and concept for it. Though, I do understand your interest to change it. Looking forward to the contest! 🙂

  8. ahhh, don't tell me you like the current name! I finally jumped ship from the idea after a year of people telling me to get a more positive domain name. LOL

    Although this is a good chance for me to redesign my website as well which i've been wanting to do.

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  10. Great idea, Scott. I do like the theme of “struggling,” since many 9 to 5ers (like me) can really relate…but to flip it to the postive side makes sense. Maybe something like


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  12. Scott, if you allow me to suggest, I think you are going about this in reverse order. If you are going to change your domain name you should first thinks and/or let us know what you are trying to achieve with your blog. The reason I say this is because your domain name and blog should be keyword focused (for example, my site is built around the keyword “wealth”) so that the search engines can find you, let me explain.

    Let’s say your objective with your site is to create lots of traffic looking for information on real estate investing. You do keyword research and find out that the keyword “beggining real estate investing” has high demand and low supply (which it does by the way) then it is reasonable for you to think that if you build your site around that keyword you can “win” search engine traffic for that word. This means that when someone types this word in Google you would be #1 (ideally). In turn this would probably mean crazy traffic to your site and as you know, mucho traffic = mucho money!

    Soooo, you should then have this keyword in your domain name. So in our example your domain name should include some variation of “beggining real estate investing” because having your target keyword in your domain name and home page is how search engines start finding you and ranking you.

    So for example your domain name could be If it’s too long then you can buy a shorter domain name and then redirect.

    Let me know if my point came across or you need me to better explain or I would gladly help with the keyword research.

  13. I definitely understand what you are saying and really like it. I wouldn’t mind chatting with you sometime and going over how you would find good keywords. I have used Market Samurai and would use it in the situation. Do you use other tools?

  14. Yes, I use some excellent tools that are provided by my website hoster that make it fairly easy to identify high supply/low demand keywords. However they are based on the engines provided by Wordtracker and Good Keyword search engine.

    You can write volumes on the whole keyword research and usage theory but it comes down to small sites like you and I to find thos hidden keywords that the big sites don’t use and then build entire websites around them. That is why it’s so important for your domain name and home page to include the right keywords.

    PS – sorry for the late reply but for some reasons I had problems with the Disqus reply system you use here and is not notifying me of follow up comments…

  15. How does wordtracker work? I took a look at the site, but didn’t want to give my credit card info to get the trial just yet (I have a tendency to forget to cancel things).


    It should be free. Gives you an idea of the demand for a keyword and also gives you related keywords, it’s a good place to start. The Google tool then gives you also an idea of the supply for a keyword as well as how much you can expect to earn for a specific keyword for Adsense:

    Again, I suggest you reverse engineer your site (and you might have already) but think about what ultimately you are trying to accomplish with the site. Then think how you need to optimize the site to accomplish that. You know that a good website is a marriage of pleasing readers and pleasing the search engines, that is hard to do which is why there are so few successful sites. But it all starts with the main keyword(s) for your site for which you want to be front page with Google.

    I can talk this stuff all day long and I cannot go into detail on it all here so feel free to email me or maybe we can talk it over a long distance cup of coffee 🙂

  17. So many clever replies and suggestions… which one are you going to pick? I agree with Shae — every time you see your blog name, it says that you’re not successful at investing — it definitely needs to be changed.

    1. Hi Christy! There were definitely a bunch of great suggestions. The one I picked is 9to5tofreedom that was suggested by Steph.

    2. Hi Christy! There were definitely a bunch of great suggestions. The one I picked is 9to5tofreedom that was suggested by Steph.

  18. Appreciate all the idea’s, but long url’s are good for two things, keywords and sometimes easy to recall! Go long, and then use a short one or a tiny redirect. Kinda like passwords, useful phrases are easy to remember and get good SERP my 2 cents.

    1. The ease of recall was the main reason I like shorter keyword rich domain names. At least in my mind they are easier to remember. I’m not arguing for sure, and I will look into a long tail domain in future SEO ventures

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