The Power of Helping Others

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shop discount beach wedding dresses UK at is widely believed that if you are giving of yourself, that you shall receive back many times more then you have given.  Call it karma, kismet or what have you, I believe this 100%.  There is nothing complex about why giving works, it’s as simple as developing relationships and good will amongst your peers.

I’m not a religious person at all, the last three times I’ve been to a church were for my wedding, confirmation and CCD graduation.  I do however fully believe in “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  And I’m sure I am not the only one out there who follows the Golden Rule.

If I am willing to put in a lot of work to obtain knowledge and then be willing to share this hard to come by information with others, then that giving will be returned to me at some point.  The return favor is not to be expected however.

The key ingredient here is sincerity.  Being sincere when giving, means you expect nothing in return.  You are helping your fellow person out because you care about their success and situation.  If you always expect a favor in return, then all you have done is create a business transaction instead of a relationship.  Relationships are what allow you to thrive.

Jon Zorrer’s meetings

Last night I attended the 3rd meeting of Jon Zorrer’s (of Real Estate Deal Makers Mastermind meetup group and I’m really starting to connect with the other members.  Jon has actually asked me to become an assistant organizer for the group.  This is a great chance for me to help out other people and help the group grow.  I have no obligations, just to do what ever I can to help.

Bruce Taubor meetings

This meetup group is small but growing.  I see a good opportunity to share my growing internet marketing knowledge with them.  I sure don’t know it all, but I can definitely help out some of the other members get different types of web pages up and market them.  I unfortunately missed the last meeting because of my vacation, but Bruce does a great job of coming to the meetings with content to talk about as well as getting members to talk about their area of expertise.

Helping others with no thought of reciprocation

Everyone in these groups are like minded people and looking to benefit from the other members.  I’d be lying if I said I was there just to help.  But if you pay close attention you can easily pick out those that are really willing to help others along and those that are more out for themselves.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, as we all have to look out for our best interest.  It’s just that over the course of time you’ll see those people who are putting in a sincere effort to help others really become successful because of the relationships that have been created.

How can you help others?

My challenge to anyone reading this post is to put yourself out there and help someone.  No matter your knowledge or experience with investing, there is always someone who could use your help.  Give it a shot and I promise you’ll be excited about the relationships you build.

So does anyone have any good stories about how someone helped you?

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  2. I totally agree. I was recently at a real estate meeting in Warren County. All the people there were just thinking about getting into investing. Some of them had absolutely no knowledge of real estate at all. I was basically the 'guru' there with my real estate knowledge. This was a strange reversal of roles because I'm still struggling to do my first wholesale deal. But I walked out of that meeting feeling good because I helped others learn more about the world of real estate investing.

  3. Good job of not being afraid to share your knowledge. For the longest time I was afraid to share what I've learned from studying real estate investing because I've yet to do a deal. I've come to realize now that I still can be very helpful to those who are just starting out.

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