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To continue my Top Blogs series, today I will be bringing to your attention 7 Real Estate Investing blogs that I call Information Blogs. These blogs are run by outstanding people who invest, but choose to provide high quality investing tips and other information needed by today’s investors.

Best of all, these people provide the information gratis, free for all.  Sure these blogs will offer products for sale that they have created or other products that they fully endorse but I trust these guys.  One of the criteria for making this list is for the blog owner to be accessible through email, twitter or facebook and all of the below are truly that.

1. by J.P. Moses

J.P. is on top of every real estate related topic out there and he covers it with unbiased exuberance.  There is so much on the site that it’s hard to cover it all here.  When your inbox gets filled with 100s of emails trying to sell you the next great REI product, Mr Moses is the person to see.  He usually posts a great video review of the course and gives it to you straight.  J.P. also has a sister site called where you can download a great package of 54 REI related forms for free!  Go check it out.

Here are some of the recent Tips from

2. Real Estate Black Book by Peter Kolat

This blog is all about Real Estate Marketing and boy has Peter put together some impressive information.  He is on top of all the latest technology out there and how you can use it for marketing on the internet in order to attract buyers and sellers.  He’ll cover the use of twitter, facebook, google buzz, iPhone apps, internet marketing tools, webpage design, craigslist and much, much more.  I have no idea how the guy knows so much about so much so quickly, but Peter does.

A couple very informative posts are…

3. Buy Probate Property by Ron Mead

The runner up in the Battle of the Rei Blogs, Ron puts out some unmatched tips and tricks pertaining to probate investing.  Not only does he teach you about investing, he also writes about mindset.  To me this is one of the most important skills to master while investing, mastering how to put yourself in the proper mindset will take you very very far.  Here is an awesome quote from Ron Mead that pretty much sums him up..

“In everything you do, work harder than anyone else… put everything you’ve got into whatever you do… realize each of us gets only one chance in life… don’t waste your limited time here… make a difference… leave the world a better place than you found it… do everything you can to help make a difference for other people and for yourself.”

More from Ron can be found here…

4. Bigger Pockets Blog by Joshue Dorkin and Friends

This blog is unique in that it consists of post by many different types of investors.  Each investor covers different topics such as wholesaling, goal setting, rehabbing and even how to deal with unsupportive spouses.  I have my favorite writers, but ever article is well thought out and of high quality.  Joshua Dorkin does a great job of selecting the authors and requires them to post a minimum of once a week so there is always something interesting to read.

A small sampling of some of the great articles

5. by Trevor Mauch

As described by Trevor, “The REI Brain is simply an online resource and community for a huge stockpile of FREE real estate investing and life success information, tools, resources, tutorials, products, and much more.”  I couldn’t agree more, I regularly get some very useful real estate investing documents that he offers for free.  Trevor reviews products, offers up strategies he uses while investing and has mentored a few investors who regularly visit my site as well.  Great guy!

Some great sections you must visit are..

6. by Patrick Riddle

Patrick is a highly entertaining fella and his blog show that through and through.  His videos entertain as well as provide great information on a variety of subjects.  His main focus of the blog is getting financing through private lenders.  He even has a highly rated course teaching how to do it step by step.  The great thing about this site is that there are so many other outstanding investors who participate and comment that you can make some really good connections.  P-Rid also started the annual “Battle of the REI Blogs” that you’ve seen me mention in past Top Blogs.

My favorite posts from are

7. Blog

To me this is a must read on a daily basis, only because it will give you the low down on what is going on in the world of Realtors.  In a way we are competing against them so if we can understand how they think and in what directions their industry is headed, we will have an advantage.  The posts are usually very well written and are informative for sure.

Here are the last few posts from this blog

Bonus Blogs

  • Bubble Meter
    A housing bubble blog dedicated to tracking the continuing decline of the housing bubble throughout the USA. It is a long and slow decline. Housing prices were simply unsustainable. National housing bubble coverage, with special attention to the Washington, DC area housing bubble. Please join in the discussion.
  • Future of Real Estate Marketing
    The Future of Real Estate Marketing blog examines the impact of Web 2.0 and the Internet on real estate and real estate marketing.
  • The Creative Investor Blog/ArticlesHere you can read Real Estate Investing Articles from some of the best Real Estate Investors in the business

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  2. Hey Scott!

    Thanks for the props on the top 5 REI blogs! It really means a lot that the hard work pays off 🙂

    Keep up the great work… and let me know if you need anything at all!

    – Trevor

    P.S. – Your blog kicks some serious butt as well!

  3. I can tell the people who track their pingbacks. You and Trevor were very quick to graciously comment on my post and I very much appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work JP and thanks for the compliment

  4. By the way … if I choose to post as a guest I think it's very uncool that it assumes I am a boy. There should be a shadowy female figure that I can select instead … I will try to post using Yahoo instead so I can be more lady like. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the mention Scott!

    And glad to hear my videos are both entertaining AND educational. That's what I'm going for.

    Have a great day and let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help ya out.

    ~ P-Rid

    P.S. btw – I expect to see you in the Battle of the REI Blogs in 2010. Bring it!

  6. Hey Scott,

    It's Peter Kolat from Real Estate Black Book Blog. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for including me in this list of some of the best blogs on the internet. I really appreciate it and strive to provide my readers with some of the best info to help them market their real estate businesses and properties on the internet. Like you said, the strategies and info are “little Black Book” style (people get to see inside my little black book 🙂

    Second, I have to give you props man, Obviously, you are a student of marketing and this post proves it. You have all of the bloggers post on your website and that is a great marketing. For other investors reading this post, there are some great ideas to pick up here.

    Third of all, who are these people: JP, Patrick, Trevor, Josh and Ron? 🙂

    Seriously, I am honored to be included among such a great group of people and proud to call you guys my friends. As always, let me know if you need anything.

    To Your Success Guys!

  7. Thanks for the updated info Josh, I'll fix it. And thank you for providing a great place for investors to go and network

  8. You've been missing out! One great thing is that you'll find a lot of the same people commenting and participating in all of these places. Great community feeling.

  9. It's all part of my plan to confuse the readers of your comments so they aren't really sure who you are. Thus not knowing to vote for you in the Battle of the Rei Blogs. ..muuhahahahaha

  10. Anytime Patrick, I've gotten a lot from your site so I figured I'd send the love back at ya.

    And I will be entering the Battle and my goal is to get 2 votes (1 will be my own of course )

  11. Thanks Peter,

    I'm thrilled to see pretty much all of the bloggers I've mentioned commenting on my post, it reaffirms to me that I'm headed in the right direction. I've gotten so many tips from your site I couldn't name them all.

    I hope all is going well on your end and I'll be shooting you an email sometime today as I've got a question for you.

  12. At least I am a handsome dude with a face rug … looks like I work out as I am rather burly. I guess I will have to check out this gravatar thing and become me although I do like this cartoon Julie that is now appearing.

  13. I'll say there is one that I've made several attempts to contact before and have been met with a cold shoulder. I won't mention which one, but maybe its because this person doesn't like me 🙁

    All in all, I would say I've got to spend some more time on a few of them. Visiting this every day tends to suck sometimes…………j/k Scott

  14. Considering I can't seem to figure out how to get my own picture to show up I think you've got a good shot!! I signed up for gravatar but still … no love. At least I am cute blonde chick and not a bearded burly dude but anyway …. the title is probably up for grabs especially since I can't seem to build an online identity of my very own!! :p

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