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As the year is quickly coming to a close, a lot of people are getting a headstart on their 2010 goals – in fact, I just finished mine up with my husband this past weekend.  Not only are we focusing on the future, but we’re also taking a moment to reflect and celebrate our personal and business achievements in 2009.

While working on my 2010 goals, I came across an awesome video that a friend of mine shared with me last year called “212 The Extra Degree”. That same video inspired this post, so please take a couple minutes and check it out first.

So what did we learn? That its that one extra degree of effort that makes all the difference — it separates the good from the GREAT. Let’s all consider this as we’re planning on how we’re going to make major strides in our real estate investing efforts next year.

Do me (and yourself) a favor and go through the following exercise.

Take the next 5-10 minutes and jot down everything you accomplished in your real estate investing this year – minor successes and major successes.  It doesn’t have to be detailed, just a quick brainstorm.

Now, let’s think back to that extra degree of effort.  Looking back at your 2009 accomplishments, what can you do to turn things up a notch or two?  It could be a number of things:

  • Determining your “why” and developing the right mindset
  • Making more offers
  • Getting over phone anxiety and talking to more sellers
  • Building a stronger network with those in the real estate investing community
  • Outsourcing more so you can focus on the most profitable activities
  • Reading more books for personal development
  • Learning a new investment strategy to diversify now that you’ve successfully mastered one

Now that you have your “one extra degree” list, make sure they are included in your overall plan for 2010.  Take your high level goals and break them down into an action plan that you can get busy on right away and go get it!

Don’t let anyone tell you differently — it’s still very much a great time to be involved in real estate investing.  Be sure to check the article  “10 Things to Know About Real Estate in 2010” that U.S. News & World Report ran this week and I think you’ll agree.

Wishing you the best this holiday season and looking forward to a monumental 2010!

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Shae Bynes is a real estate investor in the South Florida market. You can visit her blog Good Faith Investing: Adventures in Real Estate, for a candid inside look at a husband and wife’s journey to financial freedom via real estate investing. Learn from it all – obstacles, failures, & successes.

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  5. Great post Shae! Thanks for it. One of the speakers at the NEVER WORK AGAIN seminar that I've been posting about on my blog spoke about this as well…..I think 212 degrees is what water boils at?? Anyway, he was saying the same deal…if you just give 1 degree more, amazing things will happen! Btw, I think the speaker was AJ Monte.

    Thanks for that and Happy Holidays (to you too Scott!)

  6. Great Post Shae. As usual. I can't wait for 2010. I'm going to blow it out of the water. If I thought 2009 was great, 2010 is going to make it pale in comparison. Good Luck.

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