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examI took my real estate license practice exam yesterday and needless to say I’m going to have to study.  Because I knew this was only a practice test, I didn’t study over the labor day weekend and instead chose to spend that time with my family.

The exam is broken up into two parts between New Jersey laws and regulations and then Federal laws and regs.  You need to score a 70% or better on each part to pass.  I scored a 60% on the New Jersey part and 70% on the other.

I thought I did much worse then that to be honest with you, and I really need to study over the next week if I’m going to pass the class and also pass the actual license exam.

I’ll be happy to have my 7 extra hours back to my week once the class is over that is for sure.

Debt Report

Was only able to pitch in an extra $200 on my car payment this month leaving the outstanding balance a shade under $12,600.  This month is a 5 paycheck month so we should be able to pay off a nice chunk when the next bill comes in early October.

Total Debt reduction since March: $8,830

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    1. Thanks Shae! The only negative about my debt reduction is that I could reduce quicker if I could find some things to cut back on. It’s tough to break habits like eating out every weekend.

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    1. I actually find the classes are some what interesting, which shocked me. Maybe the broker classes are a bit more dry, but I won’t have to worry about that for a few years.

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