Where did the week go?

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goal-smLast week was crazy as I tried working around my new schedule. With the real estate license class on Tuesday and Thursday I was scrambling around. Shockingly to me I’m actually finding the class quite interesting. If I took this class about 10 years ago I probably would have been passed out on the desk, but I guess with my increased age and interest in real estate investing this class gets me thinking.

There was a discussion on one of the forums last week about getting your license and a few people chimed in to say that it wasn’t worth it. Their main point was that Realtors did not think like investors and thus would hinder you. To me this would be true if you started out as an agent, but for me I’m starting out as an investor. This would allow me to think like an investor and to pluck out the investor useful knowledge from the class. It all really depends on your motives.


My Goals this past week where kinda put on the back burner.

  • Write 8 articles for my local blog – Failed
    I managed to only write 4 of them. I’ve got good ideas for the rest but that was a weak effort!
  • Visit 3 open houses this past weekend – DONE
    I finally got back on the wagon when it comes to open houses. It’s always good to keep in touch what is going on in the market and the best way to do that is going to open houses and talking with the real estate agents.
  • Research using Facebook for Internet Marketing – Failed
    I forgot about this one. I had some time on Thursday night but instead I worked on a charity webpage for my friend.

I’m still struggling with staying focused on my weekly goals. The weeks keep getting away from me and I keep failing to accomplish them. I’m going to start writing them down on a wipe-board over my home computer. This should help me a lot.

Goals for 7/27 to 8/2

  1. Finish up the remaining 4 articles
  2. Research and post findings about using Facebook for internet marketing
  3. Find another house to make an offer on
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