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accountabilityAccountability Monday

For those that follow TampaSteph’s blog ( you will remember she started an Accountability Monday that seemed to be popular.  It gradually evolved into something else so I wanted to bring it back.   I’m also going to see if I can take it a step further and offer an added bonus to someone who succeeds and continues to participate in Accountability Monday.   Here are the simple rules…

  1. On Monday you must post a comment with your 1 weekly goal.
  2. On Tuesday I will sum up all the comments and post about them (kind of holding your feet to the fire for everyone to see)
  3. Report back the following Monday with your success

Every 8 weeks I will choose the person who I deem to have challenged them self the most and succeeded.  That person will receive a prize.

The prize for this month is Entry into our Resource Share.  Where you will have access to any of the products shared by the members.

Post those goals!

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