Goals for week 6/8 to 6/14

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Let’s review last weeks goals.

  1. Create Facebook Page – DONEI managed to pull this feet off. I did catch some flack from my friends because I’ve told them many times over that I will not ever create a facebook page because I’m not in high school. Well they will soon find out why I created it when it’s full of Real Estate Investing stuff. Not sure how it all works just yet but If anyone wants to send me a friend request the email I used is scostell AT yahoo DOT com.
  2. Post Ads on Craigslist Looking for houses – DONEI did this early last week and got no responses through my squeeze pages and one response through email that was just a spam response. I think I need to put more ads out there. For this coming week I’m going to put up ads on monday, wednesday and friday. We’ll see if that helps the responses
  3. Go to Court House on Friday and Find Probate files – DONEI was really proud of myself for doing this as this is the exact type of thing that I would keep putting off. I just put my head down and went for it. I found the surrogates office no problem and with an example docket number that I pulled from the online search, I ask one of the employees where I could find it. She pulled it out for me and I was then off and running. I’ve got a few key questions about probate files now that I will post about tomorrow, but I’m ready to go back this friday and pull leads leads and more leads…woohooo! 
  4. Find a home to make an offer on, then make an offer. – FAILED
  5. I found a few homes I wanted to do more research on before making an offer, but I didn’t get it done. Ii will be making the offer this week. I want to do this badly as I want to find out the process and be ready to go for the next time. Shae I know you are gonna get on me for failing this one…
  6. Redo JerseyRei.com and Rei-Links.com – DONEThis is done, but only sorta. I still need to add alot more information to the sites, but the setups are there and I’m adding new content every day.

This weeks Goals

  • Make an offer on one of the houses I picked out
  • Go to the courthouse on Friday and get Leads
  • Mail letters to Probate Leads
  • Get my new blog up and running
  • Post Ads looking for Sellers and Buyers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Have a productive week!

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  1. No dear, I will not get on your case however I fully expect to see a "DONE" by that item for this week. 🙂 Great progress Scott!

  2. No dear, I will not get on your case however I fully expect to see a "DONE" by that item for this week. 🙂 Great progress Scott!

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