Goals for 4/27 to 5/3

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Review of last weeks goals

  1. Get a copy of Daily Record and hunt down the legal section to find probates – DONE
  2. Find out when the next Auction is and make plans to attend – DONE
  3. Call 2 For Rent signs that are in front of houses – Failed
  4. Find a Realtor who will allow me to make offers with not putting down 1000 earnest money per offer. Allow copy of check and “money deposited on acceptance of offer” – DONE
  5. Finalize Format and content on REI-Links.com – DONE

#2 I found the auction but can’t make it to one because they are on Thursday at 2pm and I’m at work. I will have to take a half day off from work to make it. I will do that after I’ve accumulated a few more vacation days.

#3 I planned to do this over this past weekend, but I didn’t realize how much time my Nieces’ Christenings where going to take of my time. So I never got around to getting the numbers of of the for rent sign. Not a good excuse as it would have taken me 5 minutes to drive by the houses. This is a BIG FAIL and a goal I will accomplish this week.

This Weeks Goals

  1. Get the numbers for 2 For Rent Signs
  2. Call 2 Landlords
  3. Finish Reading 4 hour work week
  4. Get all the information for getting my Realtor License
  5. Ask 1 Realtor if I could use their MLS access to do some research

On to another week!

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