Goals – 4/20 to 4/27

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Review of last weeks goals

  • Ask my Realtor what I need to make an offer on a house (proof of funds,etc..) – DONE
  • Email some of the wholesalers I know and see if they are selling any properties – DONE
  • Get a copy of the Daily Record and hunt down the legal section to find probates – FAILED
  • Buy the list of out of state owners for Hanover – DONE
  • Add 10 more Links to Rei-Links.comDONE
  • Get Pre Paid cell phone – Looked into this but decided to wait for Google Voice to become available.

Goals for this week

  1. Get a copy of Daily Record and hunt down the legal section to find probates
  2. Find out when the next Auction is and make plans to attend
  3. Call 2 For Rent signs that are in front of houses
  4. Find a Realtor who will allow me to make offers with not putting down 1000 earnest money per offer. Allow copy of check and “money deposited on acceptance of offer”
  5. Finalize Format and content on REI-Links.com
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Scott is a part time wholesaler, but full time real estate investing addict! As his family grows and his free time shrinks,He has been slowing building his wholesaling business over the past 7 years in between life events.Drive, dedication and never giving up are his strengths.
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