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I said in last nights post that I would explain how a reached a few of my goals last week. So here it is..

Organizing my mailings

I decided to go back to click2mail as I figured out how to send letters. So I setup a letter template and I’m all set there. As to how I’m going to keep track of when I should mail out what, I came up with a modified bucket strategy. It has to do with the mailing list name.

Each week I upload the new list of leads. I will call this…

1 – LT – 2009 – 04 – 12

What this means is…

1: Mailing number 1
LT: going to mail a Letter
2009-04-12: date I should mail the item.

So after I sent out the Letters, the new list name would be..

2 – PC – 2009 – 04 – 26

2: second mailing
PC: Post Card
2009-04-26: Date I should mail the Post Card

I will continue this every week. And after the 7th Mailing the list will be deleted. Now I can look at the dates and see which items I have to send out and also see what I need to send. Simple!

Unfortunately now I have 1000 envelopes and nothing to put in them…well i’ll just have to randomly right letters to people or send out my business cards to people in the area. I’ll think of something to use them for.

Moving On

I’ve already contacted my realtor asking what I would need to submit an offer and he said…

I would need a signed contract, a deposit check of $1000 that will be held in Weicherts Trust Account until closing, and a pre approval notice or proof of funds if you are paying cash or taking a line of credit

I’ve since asked him if I could send a copy of a check and put into the contract that a check would be deposited upon acceptance of the offer. This way I wouldn’t have to outlay thousands of dollars to escrow accounts on offers that probably won’t be accepted. He is going to look into it.

This goal setting stuff works!

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