Seriously…Envelopes Now?

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Last week it was stamps, now this week I don’t have enough envelopes to send my mailers. I’ll be running out of ink or paper next week for sure! Sometimes I don’t know where my head is at.

Oh here is a stupid question for anyone reading…Has it been your experience that the length of a pre-foreclosure letter makes a difference? I’ve got a 3-4 pager and then a simpler one pager (Thanks Jodi). I’m going to rotate using them and see which brings more calls.

I’m also finding I need to get more organized with my mailers and keep better track of when i should send repeat mailings. I’ve lost track already…ugh!

Another Buyer!!

Got another buyer on my list today from my craigslist postings. I’m going to try and match him up with a wholesaler I’ve met and see if he has any properties in my area.

Long Drive Tonight
Tonight is going to be my long drive down to Baltimore. Gonna drop my doggy off at a friends and then pick my wife up at work at around 10:30pm and then take off for a 4 hour drive.

If anyone is going, I’ll see you there!

P.S. – I forgot to mention in my monday post that I’m up to 85 open houses. 15 more to go! I then have a new goal ready to go after that.

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