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Alright, like I said I was going to take some time on Saturday and develop some new goals. I found that I had the hardest time setting goals for 6 months and beyond. I mean I know I want to become a full service wholesaler and I want to be able to quit my job in 5 years and invest full time, but I don’t know what kind of goals I should set for time frames like 3 months or 6 months. I decided to revisit my goals next weekend and see if things become more clear as I think about them all week.

My Goals (Draft #1)

6 Month

  • Bird dogged 5 deals
  • Systematized mailers
  • Hire someone to get leads (probate, divorces and Pre-foreclosures) from court house

Notes: these goals seem to be attainable in a max time frame of 6 months. The last one might not be possible but I’ll attempt to get it done.

3 Month

  • Get Probate Leads from Court House on Fridays when summer hours start

Notes: I’d do this earlier but I must wait for my summer hours to kick in at work. I could hire someone to get these leads but that’s not in my budget.

1 Month

  • Find and talk to 5 active wholesalers in my farm area
  • Find and contact 5 builders/rehabbers in my farm the area
  • Call 20 for rent signs and talk to the landlord
  • Send mailers to absentee owners

1 Week Schedule
-Email Craigslist ads who deal with Real Estate

-Post Ads on Craigslist for Short Sales
-Post Ads on Craigslist for Foreclosures
-Post Ads on Craigslist looking for buyers
-Post Ads on Craigslist for people who need to sell

-Work on Webpage (break this up into tasks if nothing to do)

-Talk to at least one person who is in real estate (email, phone or in person)



-Go see Open Houses from 1 to 4
-Get Pre-Foreclosures from Public Records
-Update webpage with new Leads
-Send out mailers

I’ve got more to report, but i’ll do it in another post as I think this one deserves a post to itself.

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