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Got another potential buyer looking at the house I’m shopping for Jarred the wholesaler. I wasn’t sure I should mention up front that I’m not the person who got the house under contract, so I didn’t. But the questioning quickly got to the point where I had to let him know I was shopping the deal for another person. He said he may have other buyers who may be interested in it…man where does the chain stop? How would one break down this situation….

Wholesaler -> Me -> “Buyer”(but not really) -> “Buyers” Buyer ->…..

It could go on like that forever. Someone has to be cut out of the deal, yes? What do I offer the person who found the guy who found the buyer when I was suppose to be bringing the wholesaler the buyer? That is one tangled web!!

Nate Andres Teleconference

Great call put on by Nate and Steve last night. It went on for 2 and 1/2 hours and was full of very useful information. He outlined the steps to sell to an owner occupant as well as gave tips on how to market and screen the OOs. If it comes out on an audio that can be bought, it’ll be well worth it. I’m hoping I’ll get a free copy of it cause I want to hear it again.

Non-Rei Note
I just spend my entire lunch break looking for a car wash near were I work. I was happy to see that my GPS had many car washes listed in the points-of-interest, but to my disgust the first 4 I zeroed in on DID NOT EXIST!! In fact the GPS lead me to houses in residential areas. I’ll never get that hour back.

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