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There are what I believe to be 2 vacant houses right next to each other in Whippany. I can’t be certain, but the places just don’t seem lived in. I looked up the owners on the tax records…

County Tax Records

I then used the names from the tax records and looked up the Mortgages, deeds, etc. on the Public Records site

Public Records

This is what I found

House #1
The tax records showed that one of the properties is actually split up into 2 lots. So that is interesting to know. The owner’s address is listed as the houses address so I’m not sure what this means. Maybe the person passed away.

The public records didn’t show to much of anything that wasn’t expected. I did however see stuck to the front door a sign about not lighting any matches or having an open flame because gas was in use. Not sure what that all means.

House #2
The tax records showed the house’s owner has a different address from the actual home so this may have been an inherited property. There was a sale in 2002 that says “SALE BETWEEN IMMEDIATE FAMILY ESTATE” so that is telling.

The public records shows that the 2002 selling was a deed transfer of ownership to three separate people living at different addresses in NJ, most likely children.

If in fact these people are holding on to the house and nobody is living there for sure there would be some motivation to sell the house. So I’ll send out a mailer to them.

I also want to check to see what kind of liens are on these two houses. I think I can get that on the public records site as well. I’ll report back if I do.

On another note, I went to three more open houses.

Open House Count: 33

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