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I was reading up on Fadi’s website about marketing and he mentioned a few names who are synonymous with the topic. Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert. I looked them both up on google and found a great site from Gary Halbert. Gary use to write a very popular newsletter about marketing that you could of signed up for for a fee, but before he passed away made those news letters available to everyone. Here is the site…

Gary Halbert’s News Letters

Just follow the archives link at the bottom page. Happy reading!

On a none REI topic…

I enjoy playing golf, and have played in my JOB’s golf league for 7 years now. We play 9 holes once a week during the summer. My partner and I usually make the playoffs but get killed because of the handicap system that really favors the high handicappers. Any how, in the semi-final round we beat our opposition 10-0 (1 pt for each hole plus total strokes) so we are headed to the finals!!! As excited as I was about that, I was even more excited about what I shot….I shot an even par 36!!! My previous best for that course was a 39 and I had only once before in my entire life shot even par on 9 holes. That was when I was playing everyday during my summer semester at Virginia Tech.


Okay I apologize for bragging but I’m just too excited!

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