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On my first baseball free Sunday I took my wife to go see 4 open houses. Was sort of like killing two birds with one stone, I continued my goal of seeing 100 open houses and also my goal to spend time with my wife. It helps that all the open houses are in areas my wife and I want to eventually buy a house.

I can definitely see how going to 100 open houses will help in gaining knowledge of the area. I’m already getting a sense of price, quality and location. There was this one house, a “modified” ranch, that was very strange. It had an addition on one side that was a family/living room that didn’t match the rest of the house. It had these custom cabinets and shelving all over the house, a hidden trap door in the wall between the kitchen and dinning room and the house was wired for a stereo system from the 70’s. There was a fold out record player in the wall!!! This house was going to need a lot of work to be updated, it was a 4bed 2.5 bath and they were asking $799,000. My guess is that it won’t sell very quickly.

The other houses where better and more reasonably priced. There was a newer home built in 1999 going for $699k (this would have been more but was on a major road) and a split Colonial for $649k as well as another colonial at $699k.

I’m finding it’s hard to separate your likes and dislikes and just look at the house and see potential profit. I’ll learn how to do that as I go I hope.

The rest of this week will be devoted to getting my real estate website ready and getting my business cards(failed goal from previous week). Oh and I also didn’t go to the REI Club meeting last week because I couldn’t find anyone to watch my puppy. I will do a better job of planning next time.

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