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Yesterday was a normal day for me since I started learning about real estate investing. I did my usual reading of the posts on…


…forums. I do this every day and it’s amazing how much free and valuable information you can get! Visit those sites daily if you want to learn.

I usually work on my website while I’m at my JOB but needed to do some actually JOB related duties so I figured I’d just work on it when I got home. That didn’t happen either because I needed to do some work for my brother. He gets a pretty steady business with creating CADD drawings of building floor plans and I help him with this. He pays me and I get extra money for my Investing as I’ve discussed briefly in previous posts. Well to make a long story short it took all my free time to figure out and update the drawings he needed.

So even though I didn’t get to work on my website I was still able to help my Investing career move forward by making some extra mullah!

Also I may have mentioned this before, but if anyone wants a free website that you can use for your business I’d look into

Google Sites

my brother is just setting it up to keep track of all his clients and drawing files and it looks like it is going to work out well. You can setup calenders, share pages with clients (I.E. create a page for one of your deals and send it out to your buyers). You can also have file storage pages that you could keep your contracts on. I think it is limitless with it’s features. You can even link your domain to the site and create email accounts that use gmail. To get all of that you’ll need a free…

Google Apps

… account as well. Google is GREAT! say it with me..GOOGLE IS GREAT!

Well have a great Holiday weekend!

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