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In my effort to keep my family’s money (the money made by myself and my wife at our JOB) free from any investing I’ll be doing, I took on some part time work. I’ll be doing some CAD work for his fire protection company. It basically requires me to draw the floor plans and show where all the extinguishers, stairs, emergency areas, etc… will be. I had never used AutoCad for much of anything, so it’s going to be a learning curve but I should be able to figure it out no problem. It’ll be paying roughly $20 an hour to start and as I gain more experience I’ll make more. Best of all I can do it from my home computer. Now I just have to find the courage to tell my wife this money is for my investing only. Wish me luck! haha.

Update on my business plan, It’s coming along. I am about one-third the way finished with my first draft. It’s not easy to think of what needs to go into it since I’ve never done a deal or for that matter ever wrote a business plan before. I post what i’ve gotten so far in another post.

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Scott is a part time wholesaler, but full time real estate investing addict! As his family grows and his free time shrinks,He has been slowing building his wholesaling business over the past 7 years in between life events.Drive, dedication and never giving up are his strengths.
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