Podio Quick Tip – Getting Address Info from Google Maps

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As I’ve setup my Podio systems and processes I’ve come about situations where I need to have a full address string (123 Main St, Somecity, NJ 07981) and other times where I’ve needed only parts of the address…like just the city or the County that the property is in. So the question is, should I have my address field as a single line Location field in Podio or have multiple fields for each part of an address? I know the …

Podio Tips Section Header

Podio Quick Tip – App Section Headers

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From it's flexibility to it's ease of use, there are a lot of great things about Podio. As a software developer it's not all great...there are some issues I have with it. One of those issues is that there is no easy way to break up long App forms that contain a lot of fields. One such example of this is a Property (or leads) App that could reach to 30 or more fields. Not being able to group those ...

Podio – Direct Mail Campaigns

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A question I get asked a lot is how do I manage my mailing campaigns in Podio. Up until recently I never had my campaigns in Podio as I still used SI Lead Manager to do all of that on my own computer. It never bothered me not having access to it over the web. The more and more I use Podio though, I realize that I'm missing out on not having a web based solution for my campaigns. One ...

The Proper Lead Flow in Podio

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In this article I want to talk about your Lead Flow (or Sales Funnel). What I'm talking about in simpler terms is the process in which you keep track of the different stages of a lead...From Prospect to Deal and every step in between. A good CRM will have a clearly defined lead flow. The advantage to this approach is it clearly defines where a lead is and what needs to happen next. A lead is in the follow up ...
google voice podio integration

Getting Google Voice Messages into Podio

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In an effort to completely automate my business (or at least greatly reduce my work), I'm trying out the process of integrating Podio with Google Voice. I want to automatically have a lead created when I get a voicemail. It's a simple process and requires no other services (i.e. zapier, globiflow,etc). You basically just forward your Google Voice messages to your Podio App's email address...Yup it has one. Actually each App has a separate email address. Below I'll walk you ...

Podio – Send Out Offer Letters with 1 Click

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I've been on the hunt for a good crm for my small business lately.  So my Podio experiment continues and this time I take on one of the scenarios that i mentioned in my post about creating custom Podio Apps.  One of my readers, Charles, asked if I could create a process that did the following... ...Automatically create and send an offer letter to my Real Estate Agent when I change the status of one of my leads to Make ...