First Look at a house

Are You Looking For All Of These Items When Driving By?

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My partner and I market to a wide part of New Jersey, covering over 6 counties. Because of this we don’t really know the areas as well as we should. The ideal scenario is only marketing to areas that you know like the back of your hand and can pin point all the pockets of profit and disaster. To make sure we avoid the bad areas, we have to drive by the houses and look around the neighborhood. This gives …

My Baby Made the News! And Lead Management

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I don’t have anything huge to update, so I figured I would just throw out a few things that I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks.  Granted I haven’t been working on a lot besides trying to get some sleep. Lead Manager and Word Integration One of the draw backs to my SI Lead Manager software is that the letters you can produce out of it are limited.  Adding images and special formatting are nearly impossible to …

Scheduling Your Mailings The Easy Way

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As promised,  here is a quick video demonstrating the new and improved Mailing Scheduler in SI Lead Manager. This version of SI Lead Manager is do out in the coming days.  If you sign up for the software in the upper right side of my blog you’ll get the current Beta 2 and also be put on a mailing list that will notify you when I’ve released Beta 3.  Beta 3 will be the final beta before I officially release …

Printing Letters And Envelopes The Easy Way

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Over the past 8 months I’ve been developing a Real Estate Lead Management software that will help me keep track of all my probate lead lists and the mailings I’m sending.  The program does much more then that and my end goal is to use it for all marketing and seller information.  As of now the program will only run on Windows based PC, sorry for anyone who is using a mac as I don’t know how to program for …

Probate Monday: First on the List!

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Hey everyone!  This is another addition of probate Monday where I review the happenings that went on last week with my probate investing.  I got 105 letters in the mail on Friday and wasn’t expecting any calls until at least today.  To my amazement I got three calls the very next day, one at noon! The first call was the best one of the bunch.  It was a very sweet older lady who asked me if I was only interested …

Probate Monday: Sending Out Mailers Using SI Lead Manager

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It’s the beginning of the month, so that means I’ve got some mail to send out.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten SI Lead Manager to the point where I can use it pretty well with all my mailings.  This being the case I thought it be a perfect chance to create a quick video on how I’d about mail merging my probate lead list with  my probate letter of choice and then printing it out.