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SI Lead Manager take charge of your direct mail campaigns

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Stop using Microsoft Excel to keep track of all your leads and Direct Mail Campaigns.  Become 100% more productive and organized...It's about having the time to do the things you want to!

What does this mean for you?
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you have


Different Lists

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Total Leads

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sending out


Mailers per Month

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no problem!


Time Savings

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I developed SI Lead Manager because I had a problem...Excel was way to time consuming to keep my leads and mailing campaigns organized.  I worked a full time Job and had a growing family that left me with little spare time.  For sure I couldn't afford to waste that time.  

So I went looking for a Lead Management solution and was shocked at the monthly fees I would be forced to pay.   There are some free solutions like Zoho, but they required a steap learning curve with no promise of being able to do everything I needed.  

The choice was easy...I'd leverage my skills as a software developer and build a solution from the ground up.  I designed it specifically for my needs as a wholesaler.   

SI Lead Manager has saved me countless hours over the 7 years I've been developing it.  Now I want to share my tool with everyone else who finds themselves with the same problems I had. 

- Scott Costello

Real Estate Wholesaler / Family Man

how will si lead manager help me?


Quickly and Easily Find ANY LEAD.                         

Whether you choose to import your leads from an excel/csv file or enter them in one at a time, SI Lead Manager v7 can organize, categorize and group your leads any way you want.  The flexible and powerful Tagging system provides the perfect way to describe your leads so you can find them faster then ever!



Always know what mailings to send.

The template based system will allow you to create any number of multi-touch campaigns with only a few clicks of the mouse.  See which mailings must go out this week and quickly send them to your printer, a pdf file or even a word document.    One glance is all you'll need!



Match Buyers to Properties!

Assign Target Markets to every buyer you enter into SI Lead Manager v7 and you'll instantly know which property leads are a match for the buyer.  You can also see which buyers are a match for a property lead.   Then quickly email out your property lead sheet to these buyers!


Take Charge of your Direct Mail!

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