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Scott Costello Staff asked 5 years ago

Here is a list of Podio resources.  I will add on to this thread over time as I come across more helpful tools and resource.


Podio’s Help Community – This is Podio’s Help Center page for getting started, tutorials and community.  It’s not a bad place to get started and find out about Podio. However it doesn’t get into anything beyond the basics.

Podio’s Help Forum – Podio’s help forum for things like requests, general discussion, calculation fields and product news.  I find some answers to questions here, but podio’s team doesn’t really respond to much.  I do go here from time to time though.

Pushing Podio – This blog is for advanced Podio users.  It was put together by the creator of Globiflow and he really has some great blog posts and ideas.  He also provides some great tools such as SuperMenu, GlobiMail and ProcFu.

Globiflow Community Workspace – This is the place to go if you need Globiflow help.  It is very active and you can get answers to your questions fairly quickly.  You can get an invite to it by loging into your Globiflow account, clicking on the Help menu item and selecting Out Workspace on Podio.

What is the Podio Api? – You may have heard about a Podio API and that it can do this or that.  Well this post should answer a lot of your questions as well as who should be using it.

Facebook Page – Here you can get the latest information about Podio as well as reach out to them for help or general questions.

Podio Status – If your experience performance issues with Podio/Globiflow, such as slow calculations or globiflow flows taking a long time to run, I would check here to see if there are any system wide issues going on.

Tools and Services

Podio Lead Management App Pack – I created this app pack that is almost identical to the one I use for my business.  Many of my tutorials will be based off this app pack.  While you don’t need the app pack by any means it is great for anyone who wants to get up and running with Podio quickly.  I do charge $50 for it, but it is a 1-click install and contains 12 Apps.

Zapier – Zapier is a service I use to integrate many 3rd party services with Podio.  While it is limiting in some ways, it can easily help you connect to 100’s of other services fairly quickly.  The last few tutorials I have put together for things like Email With ConvertKit, SMS with Twilio and Sending Voicemails with Slybroadcast all use Zapier.

Integromat – This service is similar to what Zapier.  I’ve had it recommended to me a number of times but have yet to use it for any integrations.  It is on my list of things to try though and it should be for you too.

ProcFu – Advanced users only!  ProcFu makes leveraging the Podio API much more user friendly and takes almost all the Code out of it.  You’ll even be able to use the ProcFu functions within your Globiflow Flows as it comes with a built in ProcFu Action item.  It’s tough for me to explain what ProcFu can do for you in this little summary, so go on over and check it out.

SuperMenu – Another great tool by the maker of Globiflow.  It’s a free tool as well!  While it’s main purpose is to turn the Podio logo into a clickable super menu to help you more easily navigate around your workspaces.  It also ads many other cool features such as Keyboard Shortcuts, Rich Text support, Spreadsheet type editing and more.  I did a tutorial about this tool here: Cool Tools Podio Super Menu.


My Podio Tutorials

Formatting with Markdown – A tutorial on how and were you can use Markdown Syntax to format your text in Podio calculations and comments.  You can also use markdown to add links, images and tables.

App Section Headers – A tutorial for using calculation fields to create section headers to break up a long Podio App form.  It greatly improves the look of a and organization of a form. It also helps you find what you are looking for faster.

Navigation Menu – An in App navigation menu that you can add to any App form to help you jump down the area of the form you want to see.  This works great when you combine it with the App Section Headers tutorial above.

Get Address Info from Google Maps API – Use the Google Maps API to get images of your properties automatically pulled right into your Podio App.  One of the simplest yet coolest additions I ever made to my Podio setup.

Direct Mail Campaign Manager – A tutorial that will walk you through the entire process of setting up a Direct Mail Campaign Manager in Podio.  It includes the Globiflow processes that will do everything from keeping track of which mailings need to go out to printing the mailings to a PDF with a button click.

Automate Sending Offer Letters – This is the Step-by-Step video tutorial that goes with my blog post Podio – Automate the Process of Sending Offer Letters. There are 8 videos that show you how I setup each Podio App and also the GlobiFlow and Zapier workflows.

Automate Sending Email to Buyers/Wholesale Partners – This is a step-by-step video tutorial showing you how I created the process for pulling in leads from my Investor Carrot sit, finding partner/buyers who target the property’s area and then shares (and emails) them the listing.

Email Marketing with Podio and ConvertKit – This tutorial shows you how to use Zapier to integrate ConvertKit email campaigns with Podio.  There are actually 3 tutorials overall.  The first (linked) starts you out by helping you create a basic integration and then the following two build upon that one.  You’ll end up with the ability to select from multiple email sequences and be able to deal with people who unsubscribe.

Podio Reporting with MySQL Backup – One shortfall of Podio is its reporting capabilities.  This tutorial shows you how to setup a backup with a MYSQL database that syncs with any change you make in Podio.  I’ll also show you how to then link a reporting tool called Cluvio to create awesome dashbaords.

Preventing Duplicate Property Leads – One of the biggest issues with a lead management system in Podio is preventing duplicates from finding their way into your system.  This tutorial shows you the best way that I know of to prevent (or at least keep it to a minimum) duplicate leads.

Sending out Voicemails using Slybroadcast – The fastest way to success in real estate is keeping in touch with your prospect leads.  Being able to do it with multiple mediums like email, text and phone calls is important.  Another great option is sending voicemails to leads phones.  This tutorial shows you how to do that.

Get Property Images Using Google Maps API – I think it is important to get complete and consistent property address data.  Using this tutorial you can be sure that each address is formatted the same way, and you can get additional bits of info like County, Zip and Longitude and Latitude data points.

Google Voice Voicemail into Podio – We all have marketing phone numbers collecting voicemails.  I use Google Voice for my website and when one of them calls and leaves a VM I use this method to pull that into Podio to help me keep track.  This is a step-by-step tutorial for doing just that.


Other Blog Posts

My First Look at Podio (Day 1) – This is my first ever post about Podio.  It talks about my reactions and thoughts about the service from the eyes of a brand new user.

Podio thoughts after 3 years – After 3 years of experience using Podio day-in and day-out I give you my thoughts.  It’s amazing how far I’ve come.  I give you my honest opinion with positives and negatives.

Proper Lead Flow in Podio – This is a detailed post about how I feel we should be setting up Podio for a lead management system  It wouldn’t build one for you, but it will give you an idea of how I think and the reasons behind my setups.

My 10 Favorite Podio Tips and Tools – Just once of my original posts about Podio and the tools and tricks I learned after the first few months of using the system.


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Scott Costello Staff answered 5 years ago

Here is a Globiflow Training webinar replay that I found.

06.10.2016 Live Globiflow Training

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