Formula error on send smartphone sms "need response asap"


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Andrew asked 5 years ago

when I input the formula for the create a new variable for “mobile” it says error and that I am calling an illegal number calling from and illegal number and it highlights in red and it shows on the errors file that there are two errors the other one being error:HTTP RETURNED CODE 400 what does that mean. I hope you can help im really trying to get this Podio dialer caller set up 

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Scott Costello Staff answered 5 years ago

A couple things I would check to figure out an invalid phone number..

  1. Are you using the field token (for [(Contact) Phone] )  that is selected from clicking on the list icon?  Or did you just type it in?  Typing it in or cutting and pasting from my code won’t work.  It has to be selected.
  2. Is the phone number correct?  
  3. Did you supply the “Header Value” for the GET/POST GF Action?  This might not be it, but I just noticed the image I show does not have this parameter showing.  You need to click on “(opt)” to make it appear.
  4. If you typed in the formula, it is easy sometimes to miss something or add an extra space somewhere.  php is rought sometimes.  So double check that.

If none of these things work, email a screen shot of your formula and the Podio field settings for the Phone Number field.