Podio Tutorial: Automate Process

This is a step-by-step video tutorial showing you how I created the process from my blog post about Creating Podio Apps (Podio – Creating Apps and Automating with GlobiFlow and Zapier).

Step #1: A Seller fills out my Investor Carrot website form
Nothing different about this step.

Step #2: The information gets automatically entered into Podio
With Investor Carrot (Gravity Forms actually) you can use a service called Zapier to Link your Investor Carrot input forms to Podio.  This means that anytime a seller fills out your contact form and presses the submit button, Zapier will be notified and grab that information and create a new Podio Property record.  It’s awesome!  You don’t have to do a thing once you set it up and it’s fairly easy.

Step #3: Use the Zip code to determine which County the property is located in. (GlobiFlow & CountyZip App)
Once Zapier has inserted the new property record into Podio an alert (also called a hook) gets sent out saying a new record has been added.  GlobiFlow hears this alert and kicks off the Workflow I created to find the County where the Zip code belongs too.  When it finds the county, GlobiFlow will create a relationship between the Property Record and the County Record (from my County&Zip App).

Step #4: Podio will use the County to automatically link one of my Wholesale Partners to that Property (GlobiFlow & Partner App)
Next the workflow will find all the Partners (in my Partners App) that have a target area matching that County.  A relationship link will then be auto-created between Property and Partner.

Step #5: Podio will send out an email to the linked Wholesaling Partner with the property information.
Finally the workflow is set to send out an email to those linked Partners.  This email will contain information about the property.


Video 1 of 8: Creating your Podio Workspace

The very first thing to do, and one of the most basic, is to create a workspace in Podio.  This workspace is where your Leads, Buyers/Partners and County&Zips app will reside in.


Video 2 of 8:  Creating Your Podio Leads App

This is the first app you will create of 3.  I like to have my leads app mimic my Websites contact form.  But if you don’t have a website you can have it mimic your lead sheet that you use when talking with a seller on the phone.

Video 3 of 8:  Creating Your Podio Buyers/Partners App

The buyers/Partners app is a simple app that just contains my Partners contact information (email most importantly) and a list of the target areas that they actively work in.  In New Jersey almost all Wholesalers seem to work County to County so that is how I keep track of their target markets.

Video 4 of 8:  Creating Your Podio County&Zip App

This App is simply for lookup purposes.  Since I don’t ask for the County name on my website contact forms, I want to be able to look up which county a lead belongs to based on Zip code.  You could also do the lookup by City, but that is less reliable.  This video will show you how to create the App and then Import the records from an excel file.

County Zip Excel File For United States


Video 5 of 8:  Creating the Relationship Between Apps

Once you have the 3 Apps created, you’ll want to create a Relationship Field from the Leads App to the Buyers and County Apps.  This quick video shows you how to do that.


Video 6 of 8: Setup a Zapier Zap to get your website leads into Podio

The first step to automating this process is getting the contact form submissions to be automatically uploaded into your Podio Leads App.  To do this we need the help of another tool called Zapier.  The Zapier Free account is more then enough to pull this off.


Video 7 of 8:  Making an Update to your Podio App and Zapier Zap

Zapier does not support the Podio Contact field as of the time of this Tutorial, so this video shows you how to modify your Leads App and Zapier Zap to include a Contact Name, Email and Phone text fields to replace the Contact Field.  This video is also helpful because at some point you’ll want to update your Podio Leads app to include some more information.  This video shows you how to do that and keep Zapier in sync as well.


Video 8 of 8:  Create a GlobiFlow Workflow to automate the Process of Emailing your Buyers

This is the magic behind the automation.  This is a 3 step workflow that will do the following…(1) Create the Relationship between Lead and County.  (2) Create the Relationship between Lead and Buyer(s).  (3) Send an email to the Buyers with the lead information.


The Process in Action

Finally here is what this process looks like in action.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to send me an email at scott@strugglinginvestor.com


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  1. In globiflow I did a sanity check with zseller zip than !=”” and below the box it says false but in the video it says true any trouble shooting to fix this problem

    1. Post

      Don’t worry that the box says True or False below at time of setup. Globiflow will sometimes grab data from your podio app and use that as dummy data to evaluate the calculations. If you don’t have any App items the value may be different. This is what I’ve found at least. I’d continue on as if it’s correct, then test it out and see if it works. If not let me know and I’ll try and help.

  2. Hi Scott! I need some help here. I’ve been trying to automate my client’s Podio with Globiflow. I was able to follow your instructions in adding County & Zip and I’m so happy with it. Now I’m trying to work on the capability of Podio to send sms. My client has upgraded his account in Podio to the $14 plan and basic on Globiflow. Will that work for what we intend to do? Pls I need your help, been trying to follow the instructions at Globiflow’s help guide but Im stuck with adding Actions and now I’m nowhere to go. I hope you won’t get tired of helping out because I might need more of your help as I go along in exploring Globiflow with Podio. If you have any suggestions, tips and video tutorial that could help us in automating Podio all throughout it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hi Ziel,

      I regret to say that I have not used the SMS capabilities with Globiflow. With that being the case I am not in position to help guide you through the process. If you can email me the directions you are following and where you are stuck I might be able to point out a solution but I can’t promise anything.


  3. Can I ask one more? I made an app for NJ’s County and Zip Code. If we are to add Florida, should I create a different app for that or can it be combined and all I have to do is modify the app for County and Zip Code?

  4. Hey Scott, I was just sharing this great setup with my friend Mason. This is the exact setup we are looking to setup in virtual markets with a local wholesaler as boots on ground.

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    1. Post

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