Probate Monday: A little negotiating going on

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This is going to be another busy week for sure.  Even though the last letters I sent out where in the first week of August, my phone rang with a call from a lady who had been holding onto my letter since I mailed it back in January.  Took me a bit to find her name because when she said it on the message it sounded like “Cook”, but in fact it was “Cope.”   I managed to to do a …

Probate Monday: Gearing Up for Another Mailing

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With the end of August looming large, I’m going to be preparing my next batch of probate letters to be sent out.   Unlike most prior months I’ve been waiting for the beginning of the month to put all the letters together, stuff and stamp them.  This usually takes me a few nights and the letters don’t go out until the end of the first week.  Not this time!  They will be sent out on the 1st. I also have post …

Probate Monday: Mid Month Slow Down

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Before I get started, I want to wish my beautiful bride a very happy 30th birthday today.  She is the love of my life and with out a doubt my best friend as well.  Can’t beat that combo!  In our family we like to celebrate birthdays over a week period, not just on the date itself. We get together with family, have a party with friends and do things throughout the week to make it a really special time. With …

Probate Monday: First on the List!

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Hey everyone!  This is another addition of probate Monday where I review the happenings that went on last week with my probate investing.  I got 105 letters in the mail on Friday and wasn’t expecting any calls until at least today.  To my amazement I got three calls the very next day, one at noon! The first call was the best one of the bunch.  It was a very sweet older lady who asked me if I was only interested …

Probate Monday: Sending Out Mailers Using SI Lead Manager

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It’s the beginning of the month, so that means I’ve got some mail to send out.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten SI Lead Manager to the point where I can use it pretty well with all my mailings.  This being the case I thought it be a perfect chance to create a quick video on how I’d about mail merging my probate lead list with  my probate letter of choice and then printing it out.

Probate Monday: Offer Under Consideration

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How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was pretty busy with family stuff but I managed to work in a few REI activities as well.  My father had back surgery to fix a herniated disc last week so I got a bit side tracked and did not realize I hadn’t updated my blog the entire week.   Hopefully everyone else was too busy getting deals to noticed. Last week I set three goals which are designed to get me closer to my first …

Probate Monday: Persistence

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As a software developer for the past 9 years I’ve learned some valuable lessons about myself and what it takes to accomplish what I’ve set out to do.  Many times over the years I’ve had to figure out complicated programming tools, languages and specifications in order to achieve the final product.  For me a program that I had to struggling to make, curse at because it just wouldn’t work and want to just delete out of pure frustration is the …

Probate Monday: Goals and other thoughts

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It’s funny how things sneak up on you and you don’t realize it until you take a step back. What I’m talking about is Summer and all the little, non rei related, things that come up and slow down any resemblance of momentum.  The sad part is, during this part of the year, my subconscious mind seems to make all the decision of what I should be doing without consulting the rational part. If you’ve read the book Switch by …

Probate Monday: Decent response rate but frustrated

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Last week was a long week and unfortunately I didn’t get much real estate related stuff accomplished.  Memorial day weekend ended with my wife getting some severe side pain and going to the emergency room.  She could not get into a comfortable position.  Luckily they took her in quickly and after trying two separate pain killers, they gave her morphine which finally took the edge off her pain.  2 hours later they found she had kidney stones.  Needless to say …

What Does That Word Mean: Testate

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For people just getting into probate investing it is easy to get confused by all the legal terms such as probate, decedent, intestate, testate and executor just to name a few.  It took me a while to figure these out and when I did, it really helped me understand what I was dealing.  This series of posts called “What Does That Word Mean” is designed to explore the terms one at a time and in a way where the average …

Probate Monday: Forcing Yourself Out of The Comfort Zone

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My next wave of mailings is ramping up so I expect to be getting some calls this week sometime.  I’ve got 85 letters out in the mail and another 80 postcards that just went out last night.  It’s going to be a busy memorial day weekend week because my summer hours started for work which meant that I now work 9 hours each day Monday to Thursday and then only work 4 hours on Friday.  I’m really able to get …

Great Tip if You are Anything Like Me

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One of my biggest annoyances when sending out mailers is making sure I have all the needed supplies.  I always run out of stamps, envelopes or even the paper that I’m using.  When I run out of these things it means a 40 minute round trip to the nearest office supply store to pick these things up.   This doesn’t work out to well when you only have a certain amount of time to put the mailers together.   At the end …

Probate Monday: Plenty of Time to Think

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This past weekend was a very busy one.  On Friday after work my wife and I drove five plus hours down to Virginia.  To say it was a pleasant drive would have been an outright lie.  Here is a brief list of what we ran into… – Bumper to Bumper traffic as soon as we got started (it was rush hour) – Monsoon rains – Marble sized hail stones pelting our car – construction upon construction – DC Beltway – …

Flip This Success Story – Probate

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If you don’t follow Steph Davis’ blog,, she does success story interviews every so often and her current episode is about Greg Ward.  Greg’s first successful wholesaling deal just happened to be from a Probate property! This really interested me of course so I wanted to share This is a good story, so have a listen… Greg’s Probate Success Story

Probate Monday: Offering Options

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The past couple weeks have been pretty slow with calls, in fact I just got my first 3 calls in the last 2 weeks today.  Unfortunately two of the calls told me to take them off the list as they either did not own the house or did not want to sell the house.  The other caller wanted to know how I knew the house was for sale since they just inherited it.  I will call this person back tomorrow …