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I took one step forward yesterday and bought a couple domain names so I can create my investor website. I purchased them from GoDaddy and found a coupon code (OYH3) to knock the price down to $6.95 per domain. It took me a few days to figure out some decent word combinations to get a domain name I liked. Well tell me what you think… sjCostello.com iBuyMorrisCountyHomes.com iBuyNJProperty.com webuynjhouses.com I like’m, and I came up with a few others as …

Finding Leads

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Yesterday I found the site for New Jersey that published the Public Notices and also the county clerks office as well as another site that will be help full… Public Notices Document Searches Morris County Clerks Office I played around with the sites and find a lot of Foreclosures and Notice of Defaults. Not sure how to tell the difference between the two yet but I’ll figure it out. I’d like to be able to produce my own leads by …

Last Baseball Sunday…maybe

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Well, I could possibly have played my last baseball game. We won our first round playoff game 2-1. I pitched and managed to throw 9 innings and give up 5 hits and 2 walks. Not to bad, the game flew by though. Next week I’ll be on vacation in Wildwood Crest, NJ for my family’s annual summer trip so I’ll miss the semifinal game. I’ve also got to buy my wife a birthday present, her bday is on the 18th …


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Just a post i read over at reiclub that is good information about negotiating a deal. There is an old saying “You don’t make your money when you sell the home, you make your money when you buy”. From my experience that statement is about 50% true. Your ability to negotiate can end up playing a huge role in how much money you will make on a deal. Learning how to negotiate with sellers and buyers will be one of …

Reader, Twitter and Investor Words to Live By

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I discovered Google Reader today, which is great for keeping track of all your RSS feeds (Blogs and news sites). So spent the morning messing around with that, it’s great and will allow me to read all my blogs in one spot. I also messed around with twitter for a little bit, looks promising but I just have to figure out how to effectively use it to help me network. That’s about all I did today, so I’ll leave you …

Bubble Bobble we all fall down

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I came across this today and wanted to share. It is about how housing and the economy are intertwined and what is actually happening now that is causing the housing bubble to burst. If you are interested in real estate investing this is a must read. Bursting Bubble