Feeling Dumb

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One of the biggest obstacles I’m finding out now that I’m starting to be involved in the deals is feeling dumb. Nobody likes to feel dumb or feel like they don’t have the answers. As a beginner I run into a lot of questions from other investors or even sellers that I can’t answer. The good thing is that I’m of the mind set now that I don’t care about that, I know I’m new and have a lot to …

Follow up

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The Call This guy called 3 times with in a 24 hour period. The first two calls I missed while I was at work on tuesday, but he called again wednesday around lunch so I picked up. I explained what I did and then asked if I could call him back later that night at 7:30. Bill Guerra says this establishes trust because you follow through and now he has confidense in what you say. The details… His house is …


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Just talked to a seller who called me from my mailings and in the process of lining up a buyer (actually a buyers buyer) with a seller. Things are slowly happening, will expound (ooo big word!) on it tomorrow.


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I said in last nights post that I would explain how a reached a few of my goals last week. So here it is.. Organizing my mailings I decided to go back to click2mail as I figured out how to send letters. So I setup a letter template and I’m all set there. As to how I’m going to keep track of when I should mail out what, I came up with a modified bucket strategy. It has to do …

Goals – Wk 4/13 to 4/19

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Last Weeks Goals Get organizer that can hold Letter Mailers – Done Setup Click2Mail to send out postcards to match my mailer schedule – Done Get More Stamps – Done Modify Mailer to include info about “Right of First Refusal” – Done Investigate adding a referral P.S. in my letters and postcards for information about other houses needing to be sold. – Done Add 20 Links to my REI-Links.com website – Done I will elaborate on each item tomorrow. This …