How to Get What You Really Want From Real Estate Investing

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It was exhilarating when I first got the thought in my brain that I wanted to try real estate investing. I didn't know about wholesaling or the many other types such as lease options or even probate. What got me excited was the thought of Money and Freedom. The other day I got an email from Todd Heitner. He has been reading my blog for a while and wanted to offer his words of wisdom on how he has achieved ...
google voice podio integration

Getting Google Voice Messages into Podio

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In an effort to completely automate my business (or at least greatly reduce my work), I'm trying out the process of integrating Podio with Google Voice. I want to automatically have a lead created when I get a voicemail. It's a simple process and requires no other services (i.e. zapier, globiflow,etc). You basically just forward your Google Voice messages to your Podio App's email address...Yup it has one. Actually each App has a separate email address. Below I'll walk you ...