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I’m very excited about 2015 and all the potential that it holds.  While 2014 saw my wholesaling business change dramatically I was able to pivot and keep it going.  I did not achieve all my 2014 goals (like releasing SILMv7) but I was very close!

The relationship I’ve built with Brandon Turnor (of biggerPockets loar) has lead me to a couple opportunities that should really put me out there.  I’m a in introvert by nature so I don’t like directing the spotlight towards myself.  Just like many of you I’m sure, I underrate my accomplishments and feel that like a Pretender sometimes.


My 15 Minutes of Fame

What I always fail to remember is that my struggles are valuable experience.  I can share this experience in the hope that it can help a few people here and there.  Luckily Brandon (and Josh Dorkin) recognize this and invited me…YES ME…to be on their Bigger Pockets Podcast.

Holy Shit!!

Excuse my french, but that was my reaction when they asked me.  So last week, we all jumped on a skype call and talked about my experiences for almost an hour.  Surprisingly I was more excited then nervous.  Those guys are a class act and make the entire show easy on their guests.

The Podcast will go live on Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas to me right??

  • Keeping going despite failure
  • Finding a partner
  • Lead generation with a website

You can find the Bigger Pockets Podcast right here

The Gifts Keep On Giving

If being asked to be on the blogcast wasn’t great enough, Josh Dorkin also asked me if I wanted to write for their blog.  There have been some really successful investors write for that blog (Steph Davis, Sharon Vornholt and J.Scott just to name a few).  To be included in that group is simply an honor.

I should start writing for them soon after the new year.  It’s going to be a challenge for sure, but one that I want to tackle head on.  I am still going to concentrate on my blog first and foremost, but BP will be a close second.  Some of what I’ll be covering in my posts are…

  • Wholesaling while working a 9to5 Job
  • Inbound Leads
  • Mindset

SI Lead Manager v7

Ho Ho Ho….I am So Close to releasing my baby!  One thing I failed to realize is how much has to be planed, setup and figured out once the application is finished.  There are all the Help Tutorials…the setup and install package…the delivery method…the bug report and user question system…the payment processor…the sales funnel…the affiliate program….AHHHHHHH

I’m churning my way through this stuff and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.   I was originally shooting for a mid December launch….Whoops….did that pass already?  Seiously though, If I can get a good weeks worth of work in next week then I should be able to release the Software 2nd Week of January.

Notify Me When v7 Is Ready   

Teaser Video: Creating a Mailing Campaign and printing the first Mailing.        

Notify Me When v7 Is Ready


Merry Christmas!

With all that said, have a very happy new year and I’ll leave you with my favorite Christmas commercial of all time…

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  1. Scott, just finished listening to your BP podcast.

    It caught my attention when you described yourself as “shy” – I’m a fellow introvert as well as a fellow aspiring-real estate investor (I’m also a Yankee fan all the way over in Buffalo, NY). Your ideas on partnering with a complimentary skill set makes a lot of sense – I’ve just starting to work with an outgoing “sales” guy who sets up the face-to-face meetings and makes all the phone calls – stuff I hate…

    For what it’s worth, you didn’t sound nervous at all. Best of luck to you!


    1. Post

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for listening to my BP podcast. I’ve been getting so many positive comments that it’s been awesome!

      To give you the level of shyness that I am…I was voted shyest kid by my high school class back in the day. Now I’ve definitely have gotten over it to a degree but I really hate putting myself out there in fear of being judged or making a fool of myself. Words don’t come easily to me when I’m put on the spot. The podcast was easy for me because I’ve been talking about real estate investing on my blog and with other investors for 7 years now. I’m confident in my experiences and I make sure not to talk about things I don’t know about.

      Now taking and making phone calls is a HUGE FEAR of mine. I do not like it one bit! It takes me about 30 minutes to psych myself up return a voicemail from a lead. Having a partner to do that stuff for me has seriously relaxed me and I don’t ever worry about it any more.

      Thanks again for listening to the podcast and hope you have a great 2015!

  2. Congrats on the podcast and getting invited to write for BP Scott! It’s been a long time coming. It’s funny how sometimes our community of real estate bloggers and writers can seem so small. Always great to see what everyone has been up to lately. Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks Rachel! Josh asked me a few years ago if I wanted to write for Bigger Pockets but at the time I couldn’t commit the time required. My priorities have shifted a bit this past year and I felt it I needed to take the plunge and commit. My first article should go out next week sometime.

      How have you been? Is your new blog taking off?

      1. Very cool to hear Scott! I completely understand about priorities. Things have been busy with me. Unfortunately, I have not had a lot of time to write lately. Over the holidays, I had 4 homes to work with. Right now, I’m down to 2. Getting close! I’m hoping to start writing again, I miss it! 🙂

        I’ll be sure to check out your blog posts on BP, take care!

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