Contract Signed – Looking for Buyers

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The good news for this week is that we’ve gotten the contract signed on our deal and we’ve started to market the property.  We took our first potential buyer through the house yesterday, he is interested but we will find out how interested in a day or so.  We also have another buyer lined up to take a look at the place today. Here is the information for this house… Location: Bound Brook, NJ 08805 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 ARV: …

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Guess Who Called?

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Remember back to this post (neighbor wanted to the house) a few weeks ago?  Turns out he could not come up with the money to purchase the house for his rehab ideas.  The owner called my partner last week and said… …Send over the contract, I will sign it… I’m pretty stoked about this deal because we haven’t had one in quite a long time.  So far the lawyer for the seller has reviewed the contract and only made some minor …

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Some SEO Information Regarding How To Get Real Estate Leads

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In my new found quest to figure out how to get real estate leads off the web, I went a little commando at work the other day and listened to an SEO webinar on my sell phone using the GotoMeeting app.  Besides draining my cell phone battery, it worked out great.  Trevor Mauch hosted the webinar f or the people who purchased his InvestorCarrot website packages.  I learned a few things I didn’t know and that will definitely help me …

My Probate Website….Google Rank #1?

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A couple of years ago I create a website to try and attract people who are looking up probate related topics in New Jersey.  The thinking was that people searching for New Jersey Probate on Google where people going through the probate process and could possibly have a property that they need to sell.   I basically wrote about 20 articles related to probate, setup an opt-in box for a probate guide and left it as is. I never checked the site …

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Approaching Deadline, Printer and Neighbors

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Back in January I posted about only being able to stick with my real estate marketing budget until August.  I had to draw the line in the sand some where or I’d keep repeating the same thing over and over and just hoping it would start working.  Isn’t that the definition of crazy?  So my partner and I have one month to get a deal done to extend my marketing to the end of the year or direct mail as …