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Internet Lead Generation: Website Customization

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Website Progress For the past two weeks I’ve been slowly personalizing my new buyer, seller and company websites.  I do a little here and a little there, as time permits.  When I take this approach to big tasks, the job seems much more manageable and less intimidating.  The service I signed up for to create these sites did a wonderful job of setting them up with all the content, squeeze pages and layouts.  They are created from a template, and …

Angry Response: “Get Lost…Loser!”

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Making someone angry with my direct mail letters is not my goal, but eventually is an inevitable outcome.  Most of the time these people call up and voice their displeasure, but on some occasions they will send your letter back with some comments.  These comments are usually really funny and I like to post them for you to see. Here is the most recent one that we’ve gotten…

real estate investor websites

Ultimate Real Estate Investor’s Website Punchlist

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Well ok, this may not be the ultimate punchlist, but I thought it was worth sharing.  As I mentioned in my previous post about being over whelmed when it comes to Internet Marketing For Real Estate Investors, I wanted to build a punch list.  This punch list is going to be my guide to what has to be done in order to be successful. There are potentially an unlimited number of websites that you can create for your business, but I’ve …

Internet Marketing: So Much To Do!

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I’ve spent the last two weeks going through some of the modules in the internet lead generating course.  It’s not that anyone thing is hard, it is all fairly easy things to do and most of it is free.  However, it seems like I should be doing 100 things at once and I’m starting to feel scatter brained.   I hate this feeling because I waste so much time thinking about what I should be doing next instead of just …