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SI Lead Manager Beta 6 – Letter Templates Preview

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In previous versions of SI Lead Manager you had to create your letters within the program.  This letter editor was very basic and made it tough to do anything other then create the simplest of letters.  I had many requests to add pictures, do special formatting, add headers and footers or even use water marks.  None of these could be done in the previous version so I set out to create the best, most flexible solution possible.  Every bit of …

Need To Create a Mailing Campaign…No Problem

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In the beginning, one of the main reasons I created SI Lead Manager was to help me organize and keep track of all my direct mail campaigns.  This has been the most challenging idea to implement for many reasons.  As I’ve used each version and have learned what I require in a campaign manager, I’ve had to constantly rework this module.  With Beta 6 I may have finally found the best way to handle mailing campaigns, there still might be …

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Si Lead Manager – Beta 6 Preview

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After over a year of re-thinking, re-coding and re-testing SI Lead Manager – Beta 6 is almost ready to go.  This past weekend I took some time to create a quick video preview of one of the newest features of Beta 6, Tags. ***edit*** Because of a lack of audio and how bad the first video was, I redid the video.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at scott@strugglinginvestor.com